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Patient + Family Advisory Council

You and your loved ones are at the center of everything we do. To ensure your voice is heard, every Tufts Medicine hospital hosts a patient and family advisory council to support patient and family-centered care and improve patient outcomes.
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Ensuring your voice is heard 

Imagine a world where healthcare is not just about treating illnesses, but also about providing exceptional quality, service and safety to every patient. Patient and family advisory councils (PFACs) offer invaluable insights that can help us move closer to this vision, by improving access, education, patient satisfaction and loyalty. They provide an independent community perspective to help the organization enhance patient services.

Make a difference

PFACs include patients, family members, healthcare professionals and administrators who work closely to promote trust, inclusion and build stronger and healthier communities. We'd love for you to join and contribute, find individual details including annual reports and how to join by selecting your local hospital:



We value your input as a PFAC member, and we believe that you can play a vital role in improving our healthcare services. By sharing your patient and family's point-of-views and experiences, you can help us refine our policies, procedures and operations to better serve our patients. 

Your feedback can also help identify barriers to healthcare access and introduce new and improved services to help address these issues. Together with your fellow PFAC members, you can help make a positive difference and improve our healthcare services for everyone. 

What is a PFAC?

A PFAC is an independent group of current and former patients, family members, healthcare professionals, patient and family advisers, clinicians and administrators who volunteer their time, personal experience and expertise to strengthen relationships between patients and family members and our healthcare team. We work closely with PFACs to promote trust and inclusion and build stronger and healthier communities.

Why do hospitals have a PFAC?

PFAC provides valuable insights, perspectives and recommendations for improving quality, service, safety, access, education, patient and family satisfaction and loyalty. Each of the communities we serve is unique, and our goal is to provide healthcare that is tailored to your needs. 

What are you looking for in a PFAC member?

We encourage community members and patients who have visited a Tufts Medicine hospital for their healthcare needs (inpatient and outpatient), as well as family members, to apply to be PFAC members. We are accepting applications for additional PFAC members. If you’re interested in joining a PFAC you can complete an application and we’ll be in touch to schedule an interview.

What does a PFAC do?
  • Represent patient and family perspectives about quality, program development, service excellence, communications, patient safety, facility design, patient and family education and staff orientation and education.
  • Recommend improvements to hospital operations, policies and procedures.
  • Review staff and patient communication materials to ensure they are easy to understand.
  • Review patient satisfaction survey results and make recommendations for addressing concerns.
  • Identify structural and cultural barriers and recommend solutions to make it easier for patients to access healthcare services.
  • Review new services, policies, health-related programs, communications and business strategies and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Consider issues from other Tufts Medicine councils and committees that are impacting patients and caregivers.
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