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Reimagining Heart Health

Tufts Medicine's multidisciplinary cardiac care programs are sharing what you need to know to get heart smart.

Speech-language pathologists from Tufts Medicine
National Speech-Language-Hearing Month Shines a Light on Communication Disorders
May 16, 2024
Tufts Medicine’s speech-language pathologists raise awareness of communication disorders during National Speech-Language-Hearing Month
MelroseWakefield’s Baby Café: Supporting Nursing Mothers for Nearly 2 Decades
May 13, 2024
MelroseWakefield’s Baby Café serves as a model for nursing mother support programs around the country.
Discover Gamma Knife: Life-Saving Treatment for Brain, Head and Neck Tumors
May 13, 2024
Tufts Medical Center’s Gamma Knife is a safe and painless treatment for tumors and abnormalities found in the brain, head and neck
Triplet Nurses Find a Home at Tufts Medical Center
May 8, 2024
The Russell triplets are all nurses at Tufts Medical Center.
Be Aware, Be Knowledgeable + BE FAST: What You Need To Know About Stroke
May 6, 2024
MelroseWakefield Hospital neurologist, Sarah Nelson, MD, explains stroke prevention and how to identify the signs and symptoms

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In the News
Mammograms Recommended Starting at 40 Amid Rising Younger Breast Cancer Rates
April 30, 2024
Regular mammograms to screen for breast cancer should start younger, at age 40, according to an influential U.S. task force.
In the News
With Avian Flu, It’s Time To Prepare, Not Panic
April 30, 2024
Dr. Shira Doron on the public health risks associated with H1N5 bird flu.
In the News
Boston Dermatologist Warns Tweens Against Using Products Designed for Older Adults
April 30, 2024
Tufts Medical Center dermatologist Dr. Farah Moustafa discusses what parents need to know about tween skin care trends.

Tufts Medicine publications


Introduction to the Tufts Medical Center Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program
Find out how we train and mentor the next generation of infectious disease experts.
Family History and Heart Health
Lawrence Conway, MD explains the connection between family history and cardiovascular health.
Introduction to Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2)
Dr. Miguel Ariza, Medical Director of the Diabetes and Endocrine Center at Circle Health Dracut addresses common questions patients have about diabetes.
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