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Tufts Medicine Integrated Network

A distinctively different population health enterprise.
John Ragucci, MD comforting patient and reviewing notes on laptop during a family medicine appointment at Lowell General Hospital's Tewksbury office.

Our Integrated Network comprises private practice and employed physicians, and community and academic providers who have come together as equal partners in governing our Network and building healthy communities.

We are organized as one unified Network but with an operating focus on geographic regions where local care teams convene in clinical councils to ensure we can best manage risk and outcomes at a neighborhood level.

We define success as appropriately moving care out of hospitals, not into hospital beds. Our Network makes possible our vision to deliver care close to where people live, work and play.

Membership in our Integrated Network feels different. Hospitals are our partners; their bottom lines are not our Network’s purpose. Collaboration and collegiality are the attributes we value in our leaders and teams. Clear accountability for continuous improvement defines our culture and determines which providers are in – and which are out – of our Network.

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Our values



A delivery model that improves the health of communities by designing and delivering care that centers patient preferences and needs.


Collaborative connection

Data and best practices are shared freely in order to align goals and deliver care consistently across the Network.



Employed and private-practice physicians alongside community and academic providers work collaboratively to direct, design and govern the Network.



A commitment to transparency in communication, performance, data and reimbursement.


Continuous improvement

Care teams work at a regional/local level to develop new care models, apply best practices, monitor and share performance.



Recognizes physician and provider performance and value through incentives and rewards without threat of withholds or take-backs.

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