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Pain Management + Therapy

Pain can range in intensity from an irritating nuisance to a complete disruption of your day-to-day life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our pain management specialists are here to help you feel more comfortable when faced with chronic pain or cancer pain.

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Offering greater comfort with outpatient pain management

Chronic pain or cancer pain can be more of a marathon than a quick race. Yet, you can have peace of mind knowing that wherever your treatments take you, we’ll be here to monitor your pain and adjust your medications.

It's important to note that we only provide care for outpatients at this time. Inpatient pain management is overseen by your specialty care team.

Kim-Yen Vo, Melrose Wakefield Hospital Ultrasound Technologist, pointing at screen while providing an ultrasound to patient.
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Pain can come in many forms. It can be chronic (persistent pain) or acute (sudden pain). Your whole body wellness is a top priority for us. We're particularly skilled in helping you manage pain from the following conditions so you can find more relief and comfort:

Complex regional pain syndrome (RSD)
Diabetic neuropathy
Myofascial pain syndrome
Post-herpetic neuralgia
Post-thoracotomy and post-mastectomy pain syndromes


Everyone’s experience with chronic pain or cancer pain is different, as is everyone’s response to therapy. We’ll work closely with your referring doctor to understand your pain and develop a treatment plan that’s right for you.

While this specialty doesn't prescribe narcotics, we're available for narcotics consultation and can work closely with your referring doctor on mapping your medication plan.

Some patients require interventions for pain management, such as:

  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Selective nerve root injections
  • Lumbar facet injections
  • Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks
  • Radiofrequency lesioning

In most cases, we can get your pain under control so you can avoid further surgery. And, if your path to wellness is best treated with surgery, we can refer you to a specialist for further evaluation. A specialist can even administer injections that help your surgeon decide on a surgical plan.

Treatment options can also include oral medications. Or, you may benefit from visiting a physical therapist or behavior specialist.

Treating cancer pain

Living with cancer can be a cloud that challenges your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Our goal is to help you weather the storm by finding relief pain management.

One of the many ways our team can lend a helping hand is by prescribing the right mix of medications, like an injectable celiac plexus block for patients with pancreatic cancer. This technique destroys the nerve fibers leading to the pancreas, and as a result, significantly lessens pain.

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