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Otolaryngology Research

Early detection tips for head and neck cancers

Miriam O'Leary, MD identifies the causes, symptoms and importance of early detection steps.

The Otolaryngology Research Center at Tufts Medical Center is dedicated to basic and applied research in advanced endoscopic and minimally-invasive otolaryngologic surgery. It provides the opportunity to develop and test instruments, undertake laboratory and animal research, and provides training in new techniques in both conventional and laser surgery.

The entire Department of Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery) participates in research activities in otolaryngology and allied specialties. These efforts have produced numerous innovations in the diagnostic and surgical applications of lasers. These have lead to improvements in patient care by providing surgeons with advanced knowledge of laser-tissue interaction and the optimal application of technology towards more effective and safer procedures.

The Otolaryngology Research Center is also utilized for the education of residents in the training program. Each resident completes a three month research block in their third year of training (PGY-3). Many residents have participated in research projects within the Otolaryngology Research Center and have presented and/or published their research.

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