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Department of Neurology

The Department of Neurology is at the forefront of treating neurological diseases, uncovering their root causes, and training upcoming neurologists to do the same. When our specialty lies in treating an entire system inclusive of nearly 85 billion neurons, we must collaborate with experts from nearly every branch of medicine to create indisputable improvements in patients’ lives.
Lester Leung, MD, Director, Comprehensive Stroke Center at Tufts Medical Center; Director, Stroke and Young Adults (SAYA) Program, and Adedayu Dansu, Stroke Coordinator, adult neurology, discussing brain scans, condition with patient.

Mastering the art of neurological care

Something as vital and complex as the nervous system impacts nearly every medical specialty as well as cultural activities like politics, sports and arts.  

This concept inspired the installation of our art exhibit Neurology, Illustrated, where each piece provides insight into neurology in society. Directly or indirectly, artists have depicted the effects of neurological disorders for thousands of years, while for others, their own neurological conditions impacted the art they produced.  

Yet, our interests extend far beyond art curation. Through our clinical trials, research initiatives and training programs, we continuously expand our expertise on the system responsible for our thoughts, movements and emotions.


Neurology, Illustrated at Tufts Medical Center

David Thaler, MD, PhD, FAHA, Neurologist-in-Chief at Tufts Medical Center, proudly displays the department's art exhibit, Neurology, Illustrated, complete with pieces that provide insight into neurology in society.

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Department research

Our researchers believe in the power of redefining what’s next. Every day, we strive to produce work that’s innovative, influential and indispensable. Our current research projects cover the full spectrum of neurology — from the fundamental causes of neurological disease to NIH-funded clinical trials to help us better understand and treat:

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Neuroprotection in stroke

Neuroscience Programs at Tufts Medical Center

Neurologist-in-Chief David E. Thaler, MD, PhD and Neurosurgeon-in-Chief Carl Heilman, MD explain how the Department of Neurology and the Department of Neurosurgery work with and learn from one another to push our fields forward and provide the best possible care.


Training + education

Our residency and fellowship programs redefine hands-on learning. Whether your passion lies in academic discovery, community care or laboratory investigation, you'll walk out our doors with the clinical knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to thrive in the career of your choice. 

All future success follows from a firm grounding in clinical work and the ability to think like a neurologist. We pride ourselves on our professional and mature residents and continue to feel close and loyal to them well beyond their years with us in Boston.
Joshua Kornbluth, MD
Medical Director, Neurosciences Critical Care Unit
Program Director, Neurology Residency and Neurocritical Care Fellowship
Assistant Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine
Portrait of Joshua Kornbluth.

Our leadership

Our leadership team gives us the guidance and support we need to ensure that the clinical, research and training goals of the department are met.

  • Department Chair: David E. Thaler, MD, PhD, FAHA
  • Division Chief/Director, Comprehensive Stroke Center: Lester Leung, M.D.
  • Division Chief/Director, Level IV Epilepsy Center: Joel Oster, M.D.
  • Division Chief/Director, Neuromuscular Division: Oscar Soto, MD, PhD
  • Division Chief/Chair Neurocritical Care: Joshua Kornbluth, MD
Neuro-oncologist Suriya Jeyapalan, MD, MPH sees a patient in clinic appointment at Tufts Medical Center's Cancer Center.
Our locations

From regular office visits to inpatient stays, our specialists across Tufts Medicine offer the best in healthcare, when and where our patients need it.

Lester Leung, MD (Director, Comprehensive Stroke Center; Director, Stroke and Young Adults (SAYA) Program), Cara Clifford, MA CCC-SLP (speech language pathologist) and Ali Daneshmand, MD (Neurology senior resident) discussing a case in the Neuro Trauma Unit at Tufts Medical Center.
Our doctors + care team

Our specialists and care team members across Tufts Medicine deliver unmatched healthcare with a personalized touch.

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