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Going Home

At Tufts Medical Center, we make every effort to ensure a smooth transition home or to another facility.

Whether you need a visiting nurse, require further medical care at a rehab facility or simply need time to rest and recover, we’ll be there to help make arrangements and answer any questions you may have.

Whenever possible, your discharge will be confirmed the evening before it is scheduled to occur. Your physician, nurse and/or case manager will review the plans for the day of discharge and the anticipated discharge time. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Patients usually leave the hospital by 11 am on discharge day. Please make transportation arrangements in advance to ensure you can leave when your care team finalizes your discharge. If you anticipate needing help arranging for transportation, please talk to your case manager and nurse.

Our staff can assist you in acquiring medications and supplies, if needed.

Follow-up care

Arrangements for services after discharge will be made with your nurse or, when needed, by a case manager. They will discuss with you the kind of assistance you feel is needed, what resources are available and which services may be reimbursable by your insurer.

Prior to your discharge you will be given written instructions that include information on medications, diet, other services to be provided, follow-up health care appointments and special directions. We will also provide you with a list of telephone numbers to call should you have questions after you leave.

On-site pharmacy

Once a plan is completed for discharge, it is very common for new medicines to be prescribed for use following your hospitalization.

Your care team will discuss our Med to Bed Program in which your discharge prescriptions are filled and delivered to your bedside on the day of your discharge, ensuring that you go home with the proper medication and avoid any unforeseen pharmacy problems.

Alternatively, your prescriptions can be sent to our Atrium 3 pharmacy or any other pharmacy of your choice so they are ready to be picked up as you depart the hospital. Our pharmacy is located on the 3rd floor of the Atrium and accepts most prescription plans; credit cards and checks are also accepted.

Patient experience

At Tufts Medical Center, our care teams aim to exceed our patients’ expectations in all the care we provide. We want our patients and families to experience seamless, coordinated care delivered by a cohesive and approachable care team. To that end, You are a vital member of our team. In order for us to continue to provide this type of care, please speak up and let us know about the care and service you receive while at the Medical Center. If you receive a customer satisfaction survey in the mail or in an email following discharge, please fill it out and send it back. Your comments and recommendations will assist us in continually improving our care.

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