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Nursing Philosophy

Our nursing culture promotes nurse leadership, autonomy and professional development. We foster the professional and personal development of all our nurses.
Berthine Paul, RN using a stethoscope to listen to heart of sleep apnea patient in Med 5 room at Melrose Wakefield Hospital.

Excellence in nursing, superior patient care

We provide safe, quality patient care and promote competence, compassion, communication and critical thinking in health promotion and disease prevention across the continuum of life.

As professional nurses, we practice autonomously with accountability and responsibility in managing and coordinating patient care. We are committed to advocating for patients to achieve optimal patient outcomes. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive care guided by ethical principles and utilizing sound judgment.

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Nursing mission + vision


Our mission is to provide quality care to patients and families of the communities we serve. This fosters a nursing culture that promotes nurse leadership and autonomy, professional development, critical thinking and cultural competence.


As professional nurses and members of the nursing care team, our most important responsibility is achieving positive outcomes for our patients and nursing staff. It is through our professional practice model that we fulfill our vision.

Sonia Henry and Farding Jarbath, both PCTs (Patient Care Techicians) at MelroseWakefield Hospital, making a phone call at the reception desk.

Professional practice model

Our professional practice model is the foundation of nursing practice, guides the nursing strategic plan, fosters the development of goals and is supported by the shared governance structure.

It drives how nurses practice, collaborate with other members of the healthcare team, communicate and develop professionally to provide the highest quality patient care.

It maintains and enhances nursing practice through empowerment and point of service decision-making. Nurses at all levels are empowered to affect decision-making through the shared governance structure and the support provided by the Chief Nursing Officer.

Two nurses at MelroseWakefield Hospital wearing PPE (masks, safety shields and glasses) are reviewing information on a computer.

Guiding principles

Consistent and Visible Support: Mutual commitment to learn and grow together.

Trust: Belief in the character and competence of one another, including clinical competence, interpersonal competence, cultural competence, leadership competence and critical thinking ability.

Mutual Respect: Recognizing the intrinsic value of each member of the care delivery team.

Open and Honest Communication: Belief in the importance of direct, open, honest and timely communication.


Nursing philosophy

  • We embrace respect as the cornerstone of our actions, supporting one another as well as the needs of our patients and their families while valuing cultural, ethnic and religious diversity regardless of race and social standing. We believe in upholding the dignity and worth of every member of our healthcare family and every patient we serve.
  • We believe that by functioning within our professional standards of practice, we provide safe, quality patient care. Through our care delivery model, we promote competencecompassioncommunication and critical thinking in health promotion and disease prevention across the continuum of life.
  • We believe as professional nurses we practice autonomously with accountability and responsibility in managing and coordinating patient care. We are committed to advocating for patients to achieve optimal outcome-oriented care.
  • We are committed to collaboration with the entire healthcare team to provide the highest quality holistic patient-centered and family-centered care.
  • We are dedicated to providing comprehensive care guided by ethical principles and utilizing sound judgment.
  • Our unique culture of caring embraces a shared governance model that promotes the involvement of each individual toward the achievement of common goals.
  • We believe that through a lifelong commitment to our individual and collective professional growth and development, we promote optimal patient outcomes, relying on the best of research and experience.
  • It is in utilizing and sharing our experiential wisdom that we cultivate an environment of excellence and high professional and personal satisfaction.
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