You can't do your best work if you can't be your best self

Our system is fueled by innovation, but it is our people who make it all possible. It is our goal to ensure our workforce represents the communities we serve, that all employees can bring their best, unique selves to work, and that we can customize the care experience for different cultures, generations and preferences.

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We know that by advancing diverse leadership and building inclusive communities, we ensure people from all backgrounds can do their best work and feel respected and empowered to be their authentic self. Our leaders are enthusiastically transforming our culture to ensure that talent development, community health equity, demographics, and our processes and policies are appropriately aligned with our strategic diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) mission. 

Spotlighting our diverse workforce 

It isn’t enough to just talk about diversity, equity and inclusion. Change requires actions. Hear from our colleagues on why representation matters.


It is our mission to build an inclusive culture where people can thrive, advancing diversity, cultural competence, eliminating structural racism to achieve equity to enable the delivery of unmatched experiences and partner with communities to reduce health disparities.

Attracting and Investing in a Diverse Workforce

We are intentionally bringing health care professionals together with different experiences and perspectives to make an impact on those we serve.



Empowering a Culture of Inclusion

We are a destination where people can feel valued, included, and empowered to make a difference.

Fueling Belonging through Partnerships

We are joining forces with our allies–people, communities, partners, vendors, and peers to drive progress in diversity and inclusion.

Prioritizing Racial and Health Equity

We are making Health Equity a priority by working to understand Health Inequities and Disparities, and developing structures and processes to increase access and improve outcomes within the communities we serve.

Delivering Unmatched Care with Cultural Competence

Tufts Medicine is known for our Unmatched Care, and as a part of our pursuit of Health Equity, we are improving our understanding of our patients’ health beliefs and needs to develop targeted interventions and deliver culturally competent patient care.

Transforming Health Care Together

We are committed to addressing Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in healthcare together with our community and for the communities we serve. 


Solving the complex problems in healthcare require the creativity and insights that only a diverse workforce can deliver. Embracing diversity and inclusion is an important strategic imperative for Tufts Medicine, and conscious inclusion is far more than a project or program but instead is a commitment to the way we lead. Bringing teams of people together with different experiences and perspectives allows us to make better decisions and best positions us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the individuals and communities we serve, as well as one another.

Mike Dandorph, President and CEO, Tufts Medicine