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Neurologic conditions can make simple tasks like walking around the house or remembering your name feel challenging or impossible. Through neurorehabilitation, we help people living with neurological conditions or a nervous system injury meet their mental and physical recovery goals.

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Neurorehabilitation is a team effort

Rehabbing something as vital as your nervous system takes a village. That's why we work with every member of your care team, from your primary care doctor and specialists to loved ones and caretakers. Together, we'll work with you to regain motor skills, reduce symptoms and adapt daily routines.

Physical therapist Sarah Krasney and student work with recovering stroke patient after neurosurgery in trauma unit.
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If you’re living with any of these neurologic conditions, talk with your doctor about how you can benefit from neurorehabilitation:

Brain injuries
Cerebral palsy
Multiple sclerosis
Nervous system injuries
Parkinson's disease
Spinal cord injuries


Your health is personal, and it's about time your neurorehabilitation plan is, too. Neurorehabilitation often requires a lifetime of care. Whether you need an updated rehabilitation plan, follow-up appointments or just someone to talk to, we'll be there for you.

Neuromuscular disorders

If you're living with a neuromuscular disorder like cerebral palsy, we'll work closely with you and your loved ones to ensure you receive care that leads to a rewarding and comfortable life. Your treatment plan may involve one or a combination of these treatment approaches:

Stroke, brain and spinal cord injuries

If you've suffered a stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury, neurorehabilitation begins in our intensive care unit or postoperative recovery unit. We'll coordinate every step of your care, including transitioning from the hospital to a rehabilitation center.

Having a strong support system at home makes a big difference in your progress. We'll teach you and your loved ones different kinds of therapy you can apply from the comfort of your home.

Adam Sudbeck (Neurosurgery PA), Michael Belmont (Medical Student), Nilufer Yalcin, MD (Neurology Resident), Xuemei Cai, MD (Neurocritical Care Attending Physician), Milagros Silva-Colon, MD (Pediatric Neurology Fellow) meeting in an interdisciplinary stroke rounds in the Neurology Critical Care Unit (NCCU) at Tufts Medical Center.
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Lester Leung, MD (Director, Comprehensive Stroke Center; Director, Stroke and Young Adults (SAYA) Program), Cara Clifford, MA CCC-SLP (speech language pathologist) and Ali Daneshmand, MD (Neurology senior resident) discussing a case in the Neuro Trauma Unit at Tufts Medical Center.
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