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Infectious Diseases

Tufts Medicine understands infectious diseases, how they are passed between people and how to best treat them. By mapping out and researching the spread of disease, we find the right diagnosis and treatment for you, whether you’ve been referred to us for a prolonged fever or a complex disease.

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Navigating infectious disease to improve your health

Dealing with infectious diseases can be a challenging and stressful experience. That's why we prioritize your health and safety above all else. With our extensive experience in treating various types of infectious diseases, we have developed effective methods to provide personalized care tailored to your specific needs. 

We know that each individual's situation is unique, and we aim to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to all our patients, whether they receive treatment at the hospital or our office. You can trust us to provide the best care possible to improve your health and well-being.

Laura Kogelman, MD, Director of the Infectious Disease and Travel Clinics at Tufts Medical Center, examines a patient during clinic appointment.
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Did you know there are 4 common types of infectious diseases? They are: viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic. 

Our infectious disease specialists diagnose and treat a wide range of infections and diseases. We also provide pre-travel immunizations and other preventative services. Commonly treated infectious diseases include:

Fever of unknown origin
Fungal infection
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Human immunodeficiency virus
Immune deficiencies
Immune system disorders
Lyme disease
Parasitic infection
Peripheral neuropathy
Salmonella infections
Sexually transmitted diseases
Tickborne diseases
Tropical infections


We believe timely consultations are essential in treating infectious diseases in their earliest stages to begin a treatment care plan. Talk with your doctor if you believe you are at risk for or have been exposed to an infectious disease. We look for microbial antigens or other irregular results when we test for infectious disease. We may order tests such as:

  • Blood test
  • Oral swab
  • Skin swab
  • Pap test
  • Urine test


We have expertise in treating a wide variety of infectious diseases, allowing us to offer focused care tailored to your specific needs. We are well-equipped to provide you with the best available treatments and are familiar with the unique challenges you may be facing. We prioritize your needs and ensure you receive the best possible care for:

Bone marrow + organ transplant

Because your immune system is weakened after a bone marrow and organ transplant, we work closely with you and your team to reduce the risk of an infectious disease before, during and after your transplant. We will support you with well-being and vaccine consultations to ensure you can fight off infections and stay healthy.

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