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Transplant Surgery

When organs like the heart, kidney, liver or bone marrow can no longer perform their most essential functions, transplant surgery can give you back the quality of life you expect and deserve.

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A second chance at organ health

Needing an organ transplant is one of the biggest moments in anyone's life. You may be feeling a wave of emotions, but we’re here to help you navigate these new waters.

We use the latest techniques to replace your ailing organ with a healthy one, like with a minimally invasive kidney transplant procedure called a laparoscopic donor nephrectomy. 

We learn a bit more about how the body reacts to a new organ every day, which helps us create medication plans that reduce the risk of organ rejection. Along the way, if you ever have any questions or just need to talk, we'll be here for you.

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Transplant surgeries are only performed when an organ has failed. Organ failure can happen for a lot of different reasons, including infections, injuries, or from complications with conditions like:

Acute liver failure
Cardiac amyloidosis
Chronic kidney disease
Congenital kidney disease (kidney abnormality present at birth)
Coronary heart disease
End-stage liver disease
Heart attack
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)
Ischemic heart disease
Polycystic kidney disease
Sleep apnea
Valvular heart disease


Each organ has a very specific job to keep your body functioning normally. Organ transplants don't take a one-size-fits-all approach because your treatment plan will depend on several important factors like:

  • Stage of your condition
  • Type of organ transplant your body needs

What you can count on is that we'll bring the latest surgical techniques and innovations to the table, like being able to replace a whole kidney through a small incision.

Bone marrow + stem cell transplant

Bone marrow and stem cell transplants offer a line of hope for people diagnosed with a complex cancer or blood disorder. We’re proud to be home to several breakthroughs for transplants, and will pursue what’s next for you on your wellness journey. 

Cardiac transplant

End-stage heart failure is a condition where the heart can't pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. But heart failure doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It’s an opportunity to start fresh, and a cardiac transplant can be the first step.

Kidney transplant

People living with end-stage kidney disease need extra help with filtering out waste and toxic substances.

A kidney transplant, which involves removing a diseased kidney and replacing it with a healthy one, can help get your body back on track. We're proud to offer people who need a second chance at kidney health success rates that exceed the national average.

Liver transplant

During a liver transplant, the diseased liver is removed and replaced with a healthy one. Liver transplantation may be an option for those diagnosed with end-stage liver disease and acute liver failure. 

We have an exceptional track record for successful outcomes. We take a team approach, where every specialist has input into your care, which may even include searching for alternative treatments to transplantation. 

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