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Department of Dermatology

Since 1893, the Department of Dermatology has been home to groundbreaking research and high-quality care for all kinds of skin conditions. From pioneering the management of blistering diseases to establishing a strong surgical division complete with Mohs surgery, our dermatologists have led our department into a modern era where we care for more than 24,000 people each year.
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Transforming dermatology care for 130 years

The Department of Dermatology places a big emphasis on redefining what's possible in personalized care for the body's biggest organ — the skin. And just as our skin changes, so do we. Our passion for dermatology leads with layers of comfort, expertise and the curiosity to explore what's next. Between our established experts and up-and-coming dermatologists, we practice a vast scope of specialty services, including:

Our dedication to dermatologic medicine is evident through our research, where we've earned a status as one of the top dermatology clinical trial sites in the country. And for more 130 years, the Department of Dermatology has fostered a reputation for its excellence in education. Our strong focus on clinical research allows residents and fellows numerous opportunities for publication, while exposing them to new and investigational therapies that may not be available elsewhere.

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Clarissa Yang, MD, Chief of Dermatology at Tufts Medical Center, examines patient for skin cancer during a clinic appointment.
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Support the next generation of dermatologists
For more than 50 years, Dr. David Feingold devoted his life to his community and the Department of Dermatology. Help us honor his legacy with a gift to the Feingold Lifetime Achievement Educational Fund.

Departmental research

At the Department of Dermatology, we’re leading the way to the future of dermatologic care. That’s why every faculty member in our department, including our residents, engages in research projects or clinical trials.

Through our research, we strive to answer complex questions about conditions like eczema, psoriatic arthritis and vitiligo. To name just a few, we have ongoing clinical trials studying:

  • The efficacy of dupilumab as a treatment for bullous pemphigoid 
  • The impact of lebrikizumab on vaccine immune responses in adults with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis
  • The safety of ruxolitinib cream for people living with vitiligo

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Success stories

Hope and healing in the face of incurable disease
Emily Panzone was feeling “depressed and trapped” as she sought treatment for vitiligo. After plans to participate in a clinical trial fell through, her dermatologists at Tufts Medicine came up with an out-the-box solution.

“I’m lucky that I live in Boston and have access to research and medical care that is not available in a lot of areas, but people around the world have untreated vitiligo and I know how much that can affect someone’s life,” says Emily.

Training + education

Our residency program is designed to help trainees excel in all aspects of dermatological care. From the technical skills to the "soft" skills that make patients feel safe and comfortable, we help prepare the next generation of dermatologists through hands-on learning and guidance from the brightest minds in our field.

We take our role as mentors seriously. That’s why our program is capped at 15 people, where each resident gets training and education tailored to their needs and interests. Here, you’ll experience well-rounded graduate education — from the variety of subspecialties you can explore to the diversity of patients and fellow residents that will cross your path.

Residencies + fellowships


Our program is focused on delivering clinical excellence to a diverse and complex patient population, examining and improving the way we deliver care and promoting innovation and scholarship through research.

We also have an unrelenting commitment to develop and maintain a culture of positivity, diversity, inclusion and collaboration for our Tufts dermatology family.
Fei-Shiuann (Clarissa) Yang, MD, MBA
Chair of Dermatology
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Our leadership

Our leadership team gives us the guidance and support we need to ensure that the clinical, research and training goals of the department are met.

  • Chair and Dermatologist-in-Chief: Fei-Shiuann (Clarissa) Yang, MD, MBA
  • Director of Pediatric Dermatology, Dermatology Residency Program Director: Sarah N. Robinson, MD
  • Director of Chemotherapy + Transplant Dermatology; Director of Quality: Sandhya Deverapalli, MD, MBBS
  • Dermatologist-in-Chief, Emeritus: David S. Feingold, MD
  • Director of Contact Dermatitis Clinic, Dermatologist: Joyce W. Hoot, MD
  • Director of the Melanoma + Pigmented Lesion program: Caroline C. Kim, MD
  • Director of Laser + Cosmetics, Director of Hair Clinic: Farah Moustafa, MD
  • Director of Mohs Micrographic Surgery: Michelle Bichchau Nguyen, MD, MPH, MBA
  • Associate Program Director: Natalia E. Plotnikova, MD
  • Director of Phototherapy, Co-Director of Clinical Trials: Jeffrey M. Sobell, MD
  • Director of Clinical Trials, Director of the Dermatology-Rheumatology Program, Associate Outpatient Medical Director: Gabriela A. Cobos, MD
  • Director of Dermatology Wound Healing: Joshua Mervis, MD
  • Director of Blistering Disorders, Co-Director of Dermatology Infusion: Michael P. McLeod. MD
  • Director of Medical Students, Co-Director of Dermatology Infusion: Isha Parulkar Tiernan, MD
Farah Moustafa, MD, FAAD providing acne scar treatment to patient in the Cosmetic and Laser Center within the Dermatology Department at Tufts Medical Center.
Our locations

From regular office visits to inpatient stays, our specialists across Tufts Medicine offer the best in healthcare, when and where our patients need it.

Natalia Plotnikova, MD, examines a patient's skin around the nose in the dermatology clinic at Tufts Medical Center.
Our doctors + care team

Our specialists and care team members across Tufts Medicine deliver unmatched healthcare with a personalized touch. 

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