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Know Your Risk: October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 1, 2022

Call 978.937.6023 to schedule your mammogram.

What is your breast cancer risk?

Did you know that we have a unique program that assesses breast cancer risk right at your screening mammogram? This is a benefit that you normally don’t find in a community hospital setting and is a testament to Lowell General Hospital’s commitment to women’s health and cancer prevention.

During your mammogram, special software assesses your lifetime breast cancer risk as average, intermediate (middle) or high. You are then notified of your personal risk calculation in your mammography results letter. This risk calculation will also be noted in your patient portal and will be sent to your healthcare provider.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment team
Lowell General Hospital’s Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Program is led, from left, by Jennifer Gilliatt, NP, Breast Health Nurse Practitioner; Dr. Lerna Ozcan, Medical Director and Breast Surgical Oncologist; Dr. Anasuya Gunturi, Associate Medical Director, Cancer Care Associates; Kelly McAllister, NP, Breast Health Nurse Practitioner; and Dr. Jill Steinkeler, Director of Breast Imaging.

The breast care leadership team at Lowell General Hospital urges all women to get regular mammography screenings beginning at age 40. Cancer screenings are essential to keep you healthy and you don’t need a physician order to schedule a mammogram.

Visit mammogram to schedule online or call 978.937.6023 to make an appointment.

As an added bonus, everyone who receives their mammogram in October is eligible for a raffle to win one of three gift baskets put together by our Women’s Imaging Department.

Once you have your mammogram, it’s important to:

  • Review your results - know your risk category
  • Talk to your provider about your risk assessment results
  • If you are high risk, discuss with your provider the option of scheduling an appointment in the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Program for personalized recommendations.
Team of Experts at the Helm of the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Program
Tufts Medicine Lowell General Hospital offers a comprehensive Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Program for women identified to be at high risk of developing breast cancer.
Why Should You Get an Annual Mammogram?
Your breast health is important.
What You Need To Know about Screening Mammograms
Call 978.937.6023 to schedule your mammogram.

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