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Meal Replacement

Take the guesswork out of what to eat when you're trying to lose weight with a meal replacement plan. With a customized weight loss meal plan, we will be your biggest supporter to help you safely lose weight and keep you motivated.

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You're ready to start your weight loss journey, and we're here for you. We aim to create realistic weight loss goals, a treatment plan you can stick to and equip you with the tools you need to succeed. Our meal replacement program and coaching answer the question of what's for dinner.

We'll also teach you about healthy eating habits, the importance of exercise, and improving your physical and mental health. You will learn skills that will last a lifetime to keep feeling your best.

Weight loss patient applying their meal replacement and planning knowledge in the kitchen by making a nutritious smoothie.
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You’ll also meet one-on-one with our registered dietitians, who will give you resources to manage your physical and emotional health and provide nutrition guidance. In our weekly group, you’ll talk about nutrition, exercise and weight loss strategies. You will be surrounded by people like you who are on a weight loss journey. Plus your meal plan features New Direction products from Robard Corporation and includes foods like shakes, soups, puddings, snacks and bars. 

We offer much more than meals and snacks, our program includes:

  • Weekly support groups
  • Weight and blood pressure monitoring
  • Individual support
  • Body weight evaluation
  • Transition planning
Anasuya Gunturi MD, PhD talks with patient at Lowell General Hospital's Women's Wellness Center clinic appointment.
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