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Occupational Therapy (Pediatrics)


Daily activities can be a challenge for a child with illness, disease or disability and occupational therapy helps find solutions to make those everyday tasks easier. We help your child build, recover and maintain daily skills to help them reach their greatest potential.

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This page is for our littlest patients.

Occupational therapy is available for all ages.

Helping kids build big skills

Your child might have difficulty running, jumping or throwing a ball. Their gross motor skills aren’t there or don’t match their age. Or, your child’s development is held back because of an illness or a condition. We can help them regain the motor or sensory skills essential to their development through our evaluations and uniquely designed treatment plans.

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Whatever your child's needs, we'll be there to help them gain confidence and independence. Your child may be referred to our team of occupational therapists for a condition that affects their physical or cognitive function or for a developmental or neurological condition, such as:

Autism spectrum disorder
Cerebral palsy
Chronic pain
Down syndrome
Learning disorders
Mental health
Rheumatoid arthritis
Spinal cord injuries
Traumatic brain injury


We start by getting to know your child and their needs. As your child's caregiver, you're the most important member of your child's care team, so we work closely with you throughout our evaluation process. In addition, we use a variety of standardized assessment tools to pinpoint areas of concern, such as:

  • Difficulties with eating, dressing, drawing and writing
  • Problems with learning, understanding, problem-solving and other thinking skills 
  • Struggles in interacting with others at home and school 
  • Issues with understanding sensory experiences such as sounds, touch and movement

Our evaluation aims to provide your doctor with the details they need to develop a great treatment plan for your child.

Combined occupational + physical therapy evaluation

If your child has multiple areas to work on, we may recommend teaming up with pediatric physical therapy to provide additional support. While occupational therapy works on how to help with daily tasks, physical therapy helps with gross motor skills and muscle and physical development. We will work together on a comprehensive evaluation so that you and your child's doctor has a complete picture and plan.



We understand that your child is one of a kind and that's why our therapy is uniquely designed to meet their specific needs. Our personalized approach focuses on helping your child and family in every possible way. We'll collaborate with you to make your home more accessible for your child by adapting it to make it easier for them to stand up or pack a backpack for school. We'll also demonstrate how to modify daily tasks so that your child can complete them independently. With our creative problem-solving skills, we'll craft a customized plan that fits your child's unique abilities.

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