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Kidney + Blood Pressure Care

Managing your blood pressure is an important part of keeping your body healthy, but did you know that having high blood pressure can injure your kidneys? 

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High blood pressure is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD). When your blood pressure is above normal it can cause your blood vessels to narrow and weaken and it can damage your kidneys.

If you are diagnosed with CKD your primary care doctor will work with you to manage the disease and reduce your risk of future kidney damage. Kidney specialists and other members of your healthcare team will become involved when needed. Early nephrology care is key to slowing the progressive loss of kidney function.

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High blood pressure, or hypertension, puts stress on your blood vessels and can damage organs, including your heart, brain and kidneys. Your blood vessels can weaken, leading to other health problems, such as:

Heart disease
Kidney damage
Kidney failure

We develop a care plan to fit your individual needs. For some, lowering your blood pressure may be finding the right medication, changing your exercise routine, or eating kidney-friendly foods low in salt and saturated fat.



We pay close attention to the elements that flag that your kidneys are being affected by high blood pressure. We will run tests to determine how often you should have your blood pressure checked and things you can do to keep your kidneys and your whole body healthy. In addition to carefully reviewing your health and family history, medications, exercise routines and the food you eat and will check for clues by:

  • Checking your blood pressure
  • Blood draws
  • Urine tests 


It's crucial to carefully manage your kidney health to slow the progression of CKD. We will work closely with you in the early stages of CKD to keep an eye on your blood pressure and kidney health. Customized to you, your needs, and your quality of life, our treatment plans may include:

  • Comprehensive care for patients with CKD or hypertension with a focus on halting the progression of kidney disease
  • Evaluation and ongoing treatment for kidney disease caused by conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or glomerular diseases like lupus
  • Evaluation and treatment for acute kidney injury or acute kidney disease
  • Management of secondary conditions caused by CKD, such as heart disease
  • Lifelong management for polycystic kidney disease
  • Education, preparation and planning for dialysis or kidney transplants
  • Management of kidney disease during pregnancy
  • Evaluation and treatment for one-time or recurring kidney stones
  • Support for lifestyle changes
  • Medication to manage blood pressure and cholesterol

If you are showing signs of advanced kidney disease, you may be referred to a nephrologist for added oversight. 

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