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Adjusting to dialysis treatments can be complicated, which is why we make getting dialysis as convenient and comfortable as possible. Your treatment plan is designed with you in mind so you can continue doing what you enjoy.

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Dialysis treatment your way

We are dedicated to supporting your independence whether you receive dialysis in your home or at a dialysis center. We create an individual treatment plan and schedule based on your diagnosis and needs.

Outpatient Dialysis Center's patient speaks with Daniel Weiner, MD, MS, FNKF, during the dialysis at Tufts Medical Center.
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If you have been prescribed dialysis, treatment can help slow the progress. Dialysis will help move the build-up of fluid and waste in your kidneys and along with treatment, it can help slow disease progression.

We are your partner for:

  • Outpatient dialysis in a clinic
  • Dialysis in your home 
  • Treatment options for patients who choose not to be treated for kidney disease by dialysis or transplantation
  • Education and training


Dialysis at home

You may be able to have dialysis at home. Those who choose this option often enjoy the freedom it gives them to continue their everyday activities and can sometimes do their dialysis at night while sleeping. In addition to offering flexibility, home dialysis is gentler on your body because it is done more frequently.

Outpatient at a clinic

Outpatient clinics provide treatment in an intimate setting where you can relax, connect with other patients and chat with family and friends. Your dialysis will be administered and supervised by medical professionals at higher doses than at home. Most dialysis sessions last many hours but usually are not every day.

Anasuya Gunturi MD, PhD talks with patient at Lowell General Hospital's Women's Wellness Center clinic appointment.
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Family physician Sarwada Tuladhar Jha, MD talking to patient during exam at a clinic appointment and inputting health information at the computer.
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