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Implantable Hearing Device

Implantable hearing devices like cochlear implants and bone conduction hearing aids can help adults and children alike happily explore a new world of sound they would otherwise struggle to hear.

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Regain your sense of sound

Sound plays a key role in our everyday lives, whether you're tuning into your favorite musician, listening to ingredients sizzle on the stove or hearing a loved one say, "I love you."

Sound is one of the body's 5 basic human senses. And when we can't fully tap into our senses, it can feel like something is incomplete. Fortunately, there are treatment options that can help you regain your sense of sound.

Different from traditional hearing aids that are worn in or behind the ear, an implantable hearing device is a more permanent solution that's surgically implanted in the ear to amplify sound.

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Fine-tune your sense of sound with these implantable hearing devices:

  • Cochlear implants: Where typical hearing aids amplify sound, cochlear implants directly stimulate the auditory nerve to create sound. Our preferred devices are manufactured by Cochlear Americas, Advanced Bionics and MED-EL.
  • Bone conduction hearing aid: Also known as an osseointegrated auditory device (OAD), a bone conduction hearing aid is designed to transfer sounds to the inner ear through bone conduction. We use bone-anchored hearing systems from Cochlear Americas and Oticon Medical.

For adults with hearing loss, we'll test whether you're a candidate for a cochlear implant or an OAD.

Learning how to adjust to implantable hearing devices

Implantable hearing devices open new doors to sounds and basic human senses. At the same time, navigating these new sounds can be overwhelming at first. That's why speech-language therapy is so important. We'll help you overcome speech, language and cognitive conditions so you can communicate with confidence.

For adults and kids alike, we will regularly meet to fine-tune the implanted device. Over time, you can expect to visit us yearly for routine check-ins unless additional needs arise.

Kids with hearing loss

Hearing loss is usually diagnosed at birth or shortly after. We'll monitor your little one's hearing throughout their first year of life to determine what hearing device will work best for their needs.

Once your child has received a hearing device or implant, we'll connect you to a team of specialists to ensure they're set up for success. Following implantation, their audiologist will regularly program the device to guarantee your little one is getting the most from it.

We may also recommend seeing a speech-language pathologist to ensure your child's hearing loss isn't setting them back developmentally. They can help your child learn how to hear and speak for the first time.

Our team is at the ready to connect you with school systems and early intervention programs to help meet your child's educational needs.

For kids up to age 5

One hearing device option for kids younger than age 5 is a softband device, which is worn as a comfortable headband. Kids who experience single-sided deafness or damaged outer or middle ears will benefit most from a softband device. These can be temporary solutions until your child is ready for an implantable hearing device.

Should testing show that a cochlear implant is right for your child, we can implant a device around age 1 — just in time for them to hear you sing “Happy Birthday” for the first time.

For kids age 5 and older

A bone conduction hearing aid, also known as an osseointegrated auditory device, transfers sounds to the inner ear through bone conduction. We can implant these hearing aids once your child celebrates their fifth birthday.

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