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Gastroenterology Nutrition

Turn to Tufts Medicine if gastrointestinal or liver disease is interfering with your ability to maintain your weight or absorb nutrients from your diet. We will identify the cause of your condition and treat both the disease and the associated nutritional complications, helping you lead a healthy life.

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Nutrition planning that’s easy to digest

At Tufts Medicine, we understand the critical role of a healthy digestive system. That's why we offer comprehensive care for a wide range of gastrointestinal and liver conditions. By choosing Tufts Medicine for your gastroenterology care, you benefit from a team of internationally recognized physicians with advanced training in both gastroenterology and clinical nutrition. 



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Gastrointestinal disorders that make it difficult to absorb or utilize nutrients properly include:

Celiac disease
Crohn's disease
Lactose intolerance
Pancreatic insufficiency
Short bowel syndrome
Small bowel bacterial overgrowth


We’ll use the latest diagnostic technology and therapeutic tools to paint a complete picture of why your body is struggling to hold on to its essential nutrients.



At Tufts Medicine, our gastroenterologists and registered dieticians work closely together to develop an integrated treatment plan designed to maximize your quality of life. 

When you're struggling to retain nutrients from your food, we will address both your underlying condition and the nutritional complications that arise from it.

Nutritional support strategies may include: 

  • Specialized diets 
  • Medical therapies
  • Enteral or parenteral feeding 
  • Surgical intervention

We often collaborate with a broad team of experts from across Tufts Medicine including endocrinologists specializing in bone and lipid disorders since these conditions often occur alongside nutrient absorption challenges.

You may only need to see us a few times before we refer you back to your primary care doctor. Or, the road to recovery may require long-term management from our team. No matter how long you're in our care, we'll be right by your side.

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