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Diabetes + Weight Loss Coaching

Our diabetes and weight loss coaching will teach you how to make key diet and exercise changes that can halt the progression of type 2 diabetes and prevent health-related complications.

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Healthy changes that can last a lifetime

Are you ready to take charge of your health? With our support, we don't just tell you what to do — we work with you to make it happen.

Together, we'll develop a lifestyle action plan to manage your diabetes that aligns with what you like to eat and how you want to exercise. We then provide the support and encouragement to help you stick with the plan and make it a natural part of your lifestyle.

Anastassios Pittas, MD, MS, endocrinologist and Co-Director of the Diabetes Center at Tufts Medical Center consults with patient in clinic appointment.
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One of the best benefits you can expect from this program is a diet plan tailored to your tastes. Modifying your eating habits starts by focusing on foods that address your medical condition, lifestyle and preferences.

As your eating habits improve, we'll then expand your plan to include exercise. Getting active can help you lose weight while also improving your blood sugar and insulin levels.

You'll meet with your coach weekly to review progress and address ongoing challenges during the program's first few months.

Diabetes self-management education

Diabetes self-management education helps people with diabetes learn how to manage their condition to live the healthiest lives possible. It zooms in on 7 important self-care behaviors:

  1. Being active
  2. Healthy coping
  3. Healthy eating
  4. Monitoring
  5. Problem-solving
  6. Reducing risks
  7. Taking medication

Diabetes self-management education isn't just a box to check, but a lifestyle to embrace. We understand that many changes all at once can feel overwhelming. That's why your plan will be uniquely you — designed with tools and support to empower you to live and thrive with your condition.

Medical nutrition therapy

Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) focuses on helping you manage your condition through nutritional testing, therapy and counseling. A registered dietitian or nutritional professional will map a wellness plan around your:

  • Activity level
  • Food preferences
  • Glucose control
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutritional needs
Anasuya Gunturi MD, PhD talks with patient at Lowell General Hospital's Women's Wellness Center clinic appointment.
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