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Ear + Balance Care

Do you know that disorienting feeling that happens when you stand up too quickly? Believe it or not, if you feel that often or have problems staying steady on your feet, the reason may be your ears. Our ear and balance team can help you find the relief you deserve.

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Delivering well-balanced care

The messages your brain receives from your ears, particularly the vestibular system in your inner ear, play a big part in helping you stay balanced. When that system isn't working how it should, it can lead to uncomfortable symptoms like dizziness, hearing difficulty, lightheadedness and blurry vision. Feeling that way for too long can put you in danger of falling.

Our specialists have the skills and expertise to treat all types of ear and balance disorders so you can feel safe and steady.

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Some of the common ear and balance disorders we treat include:

  • Acoustic neuroma is a benign growth along a nerve leading from the brain to the ear canal.
  • Facial paralysis can come from a variety of conditions but is often the result of vestibular system issues.
  • Vertigo is a condition that gives you a sense of spinning.


We’ll use the latest technology to evaluate your hearing and balance thoroughly and get to the bottom of what’s ailing you. From there, we’ll develop a treatment plan, including surgery, if needed.



We often recommend vestibular rehabilitation training (VRT) to treat common ear and balance conditions like vertigo. It's a series of exercises designed to reduce dizziness and improve balance. Your doctor may also prescribe medication to manage ear and balance symptoms.

We also have the expertise, technology and equipment to tackle more complex problems you may be dealing with, including:

  • Highly sensitive surgery to correct hearing issues
  • Implanting bone-anchored hearing aids, like cochlear implants
  • Removing tumors in the ear and on the base of the skull
  • Treating facial nerve problems
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