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Concierge Primary Care

Our expert physicians offer exceptional access to in-depth, high-quality preventive medical care with a focus on delivering personalized and enhanced healthcare.

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is the perfect solution for busy executives, international patients and anyone who values direct access to their care team. With this type of care, you'll receive personalized care from physicians who provide exceptional access to high-quality preventive care.

We understand that your health is a top priority, and we're here to help you every step of the way. Our services are unparalleled and include 24/7 access to a doctor, primary care, and assistance in connecting you with specialists to ensure that you're on the path to wellness. You'll receive tailored, comprehensive and coordinated care from physicians who dedicate their time to becoming experts in your health.

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What's included?

We are dedicated to providing you with the best healthcare experience possible. Our team of expert physicians understands the importance of your health and will work closely with you to create personalized treatment plans that are tailored to your unique needs. You can trust us to integrate these plans seamlessly into your life, ensuring your continued well-being.

As a member, you'll enjoy concierge medical care, wellness services and amenities that are second to none. These include:

  • Annual physical exam that emphasizes prevention
  • Comprehensive wellness and lifestyle planning
  • Counseling on nutrition, exercise and stress reduction
  • Dedicated support staff with email and fax access
  • Enhanced coordination of prescriptions, testing and specialty appointments
  • Physician availability 24/7 via personal pager
  • Private entrance and waiting room
  • Rapid notification of test results
  • Same- or next-day doctor appointments

We're confident that our concierge medicine services will exceed your expectations and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your health. 

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How does my membership work with my health insurance?

Your membership at the Pratt Diagnostic Center at Tufts Medical Center is fully compatible with most health insurance plans, including Medicare. We can review your health plan and answer any questions.

The annual fee pays for your annual physical examination. All other healthcare visits, including office visits, specialist appointments, diagnostic tests and hospital stays, will be billed to your health insurance. You will still be required to make co-payments depending on your health plan.

How is the physical exam different from the annual physical my insurance covers?

The physical exam at the Pratt Diagnostic Center is a more in-depth appointment than the traditional annual physical exam covered by insurance.

As a member, you'll meet with your physician one-on-one for several hours to discuss your whole body health, including nutrition, lifestyle planning and stress reduction.

You'll have more extensive blood tests than usually offered during a physical to help tailor your care. You will have access to your health records and the results of your physical exam, lab tests and EKG.

How do I pay the membership fee?

We make payment easy. We set up a monthly recurring payment using an American Express, MasterCard, Visa card or a banking account.

Does my insurance cover the annual fee?

Most insurers do not cover or reimburse the annual fee.

How is the Pratt Diagnostic Center different from the executive physical?

We provide ongoing, personalized care that doesn't end after your physical. We work closely with you throughout the year to keep you healthy, prevent illness and treat you when you're not feeling your best.

An executive physical is conducted during one appointment and may include a follow-up visit.

How does this work with my corporate benefits plan?

The annual fee at the Pratt Diagnostic Center for concierge medical services can be paid through employer Section 125 plans in most cases and is compatible with flexible spending accounts, medical savings accounts and health reimbursement accounts.

The fee may also be paid through a health savings account. Depending on your insurance plan, your physician can provide you with a statement for your benefits administrator during your physical exam.

How do I get started?

Complete the membership form for consideration. For more information about the Pratt Diagnostic Center and our concierge health care services, please call 617.636.2800.

How much is the annual fee?

For more information about prices and becoming a member or to schedule a complimentary meet and greet, please call 617.636.4889 or 617.636.2800 or fill out the form.

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Our expert concierge care physicians at the Pratt Diagnostic Center create personalized treatment plans and take care of all your medical needs. Trust us to give you the best possible care and make you feel like part of our family.

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Meet the doctors and care team devoted to supporting you every step of the way along your path to better health.

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