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Cancer Survivorship Program (Adult)

Our Adult Survivorship Program offers resources and support to people age 40 or older who have completed active cancer treatment. Whether you started your healthcare journey with us or arrived here from somewhere else, you're more than welcome to continue healing with our supportive care team.

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A lifelong support system

Life doesn't magically go back to normal the day your active cancer treatment ends. The scars — both the ones you see and the ones you feel — take a longer time to heal.

Through our Adult Survivorship Program, we'll help you transition into a fulfilling post-treatment life. That means giving you the resources and support you need to take care of your physical and emotional well-being.

Andreas Klein, MD of Tufts Medical Center's Cancer Center talking to patient in a clinic appointment.
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When you join our program, the first thing you’ll receive is a survivorship care plan. It’s a neatly packaged treatment summary and follow-up care plan that’s based on your personal cancer history and health needs.

The treatment summary includes the entirety of your medical records synthesized into an easy-to-read digital document. Your follow-up care plan lists any current health challenges that you’re living with, as well as potential concerns your care team is monitoring.

Types of survivorship care

In addition to your personal health history, we'll tailor your survivorship care plan to how long it’s been since you last received active cancer treatment.

0–5 years post-treatment

Your primary oncologist will monitor your progress for the first 5 years following your cancer treatment. During this time, you'll connect with our survivorship specialists for routine follow-up appointments that may include blood work and scans.

5+ years post-treatment

Our survivorship specialists will help you manage the late-arriving effects of cancer treatment and help you keep track of your overall health.

Coordinating your care

We understand that cancer care is top of mind when you’re actively living with it. Your general wellness is just as important, too. We’ll assist you with re-establishing or maintaining care with a primary care doctor.

Our survivorship specialists will also help you stay connected to your:

  • Primary oncologist
  • Medical specialists (cardiologists, dermatologists, etc.)
  • Behavioral health specialists (psychologists, social workers, support groups)
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