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Cardiac Anesthesia

Cardiac anesthesia is a highly specialized process by which anesthesiologists use medications to gently place you into a pain-free, unconscious sleep during heart surgeries and diagnostic procedures.

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Among the top 10 cardiac transplant programs in the U.S.

Your heart care is at the heart of our expertise. Many people who walk through our doors are living with advanced heart failure. So when it comes to your heart health, we care for you the way we would want our parents, siblings and friends cared for, too.

Anesthesiologist doctor anesthetized a surgical patient in hospital.
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Coping with heart disease and heart surgery can be stressful. But the entire experience doesn't have to be. When you turn to Tufts Medicine for heart care, you’ll benefit from:

  • A collaborative team: We prioritize communication among all care team members so you have a seamless transition in and out of the operating room. 
  • Compassionate care: We tailor your treatment path and cardiac anesthesia dosages to what you need in a safe, pain-free space.
  • Extensive experience: We perform approximately 60 heart transplants and 60 ventricular assist device implants per year.


We’re changing heart care for the better. Since 2019, we’ve seen a 50% increase in patients coming to Tufts Medicine for cardiac care. Over 1,000 patients living with a complex heart disease place their trust in us with their cardiac care each year.

And when your care plan requires surgery and cardiac anesthesia, our anesthesiologists and care team will take important steps to help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Our safety measures

The American Society of Anesthesiologists has developed national standards to enhance the safety and quality of anesthesia so that you’re in the safest hands possible.

Here are a few standards that are already used today:

  • Patient care before surgery
  • Basic methods of monitoring patients during surgery
  • Patient care during recovery
  • Conduction anesthesia in obstetrics

Your safety is our top priority. The combination of today’s standards, monitoring approaches, anesthesia equipment and medications is making anesthesia safer than ever before.

Real innovation starts with real people. Be part of medicine's evolution by participating in Tufts Medicine's clinical trials.

Fiona Wu and Megan Pursley, both SRNA Anesthesiologists, prep and comfort patient before daVinci surgery.
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Dr. Sharma Joseph, Attending Anesthesiology Physician, talking to and preparing patient for endoscopy procedure.
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