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Transplant Surgery Research


Tufts Medical Center is home to a number of skilled surgeons who have expertise in transplantation surgery. In particular, we have become one of the leading medical institutions in the country for kidney and heart transplantations. Currently. Our Division of Transplant Surgery researchers are focused on investigating viral infections and organ procurement in transplantation.

Current research

Current research projects include:

  1. Viral infections in transplantation
  2. Organ allocation in transplantation

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Krishna A. Agarwal, MD

Title(s): Transplant Nephrologist
Department(s): Transplant Surgery, Surgery
Appt. Phone: 617.636.5592
Fax #: 617.636.8228

Nephrology, Kidney Transplant, Hypertension, Post-Transplant Diabetes Mellitus, Multi-organ Transplantation, BK virus

Ashtar Chami, MD

Title(s): Medical Director, Kidney Transplant; Nephrologist
Department(s): Surgery, Kidney Transplant
Appt. Phone: 617.636.5592
Fax #:

Nephrology, kidney transplantation, belatacept in kidney transplantation

Manish C. Varma, MD

Title(s): Surgeon
Department(s): Transplant Surgery, Abdominal Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery
Appt. Phone: 617.636.5592
Fax #: 617.636.8228

Kidney Transplantation, Liver Transplantation, Pancreas Transplantation, Liver and Biliary Tract Surgery

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