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Cellular Therapies for Critical Limb


The body has a remarkable system for repair and regeneration of damaged blood vessels which utilizes a complex system of cellular and biological responses. When this system is not able to keep up with damage disease becomes apparent. Mark Iafrati, MD is the Lead Investigator for a multicenter study utilizing a patient’s own bone marrow as a source of a complex mixture of cells that may be delivered to the legs with poor blood flow and no conventional options for treatment.

Principal investigator + Research team

Dr. Mark Iafrati
Lead Investigator

Innovations + Publications

Iafrati MD, Hallett JW, Geils G, Pearl G, Lumsden A, Peden E, Bandyk D, Vijayaraghava KS, Radhikrishnan R, Ascher E, Hingorani A, Roddy S. Early results and lessons learned from a multicenter, randomized, double-blind trial of bone marrow aspirate concentrate in critical limb ischemia. Journal of vascular surgery. 2011 Dec 54 (6):1650-58

Benoit E, O’Donnell TF, Kitsios GD, Iafrati MD. Improved amputation free survival in unreconstructable critical limb ischemia and its implications for clinical trial design and quality measurement. Journal of Vascular Surgery.2012; Mar, 55(3):781-789

Benoit E, O’Donnell TF, Iafrati MD, Asher E, Bandyk DF, Hallett JW, Lumsden AB, Pearl GJ, Roddy SP, Vijayaraghavan K, Patel AN. The role of amputation as an outcome measure in cellular therapy for critical limb ischemia: implications for clinical trial design. Journal of Translational Medicine. 9:165. 2011.

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