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Cardiac Surgery Research

Research within the Division of Cardiac Surgery at Tufts Medical Center has had a long and productive history.


Currently we have ongoing projects that include basic scientific investigation, as well as clinical research and participation in large scale clinical trials.

Current research

Current research projects include:

  • Hemodynamic Evaluation of Heartware MVAD in Bi-Ventricular support in swine. Heartware, Inc.
  • Hemodynamic Evaluation of Tandem Heart Ventricular Assist in multi-cannulation in swine. Cardiac Assist Inc.
  • PROCEED: A Prospective, Multi-Centered, Randomnized Clinical Investigation of Transmedic Organ Care System for Cardiac Use (Protocol Number CAR 05-2008).
  • ENDURANCE: A Prospective, Randomnized, Controlled, Un-blinded, Multi-Center Clinical Trial of Advanced Heart Failure. Funded by HeartWare Inc. (Protocol Number HW-004)
  • ADVANCE: Evaluation of the HeartWare LVAD System for the treatment of advanced heart failure. Funded by HeartWare Inc. (Protocol Number HW-003).
  • Impact of reduced arterial pulsatility on vascular tone and function following placement of continuous left ventricular assist devices. (Tufts IRB protocol Number 9963)

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