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ICRHPS Mission

Our mission at the Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies (ICRHPS) is to research and develop solutions for delivering better medical care and health services. This includes doing our own projects and teaching and assisting others in similar and related research.

Project selections

We have no particular bias about the specific domain or technology involved, whether in the study of actual clinical services, in the development of basic mathematical and computer-based methods, in the realm of social sciences or public policy or in any other related fields. However, we recognize that we cannot cover all areas with our intended level of excellence. Therefore, we select our research and development projects based on "The Three Rules":

  1. Do only projects that we are better suited to do than any other group, based on our particular skills, resources and opportunities.
  2. Do only projects that have the potential to change the way medicine is practiced or healthcare is delivered or studied.
  3. Do only projects that will be fun.

We will consider the project if all three criteria are met; we will view the project, subject to our available time, energy and funding.

ICRHPS' function

In executing long-term projects and in our daily work, our goal is to do the best job possible. We also seek to expand each team member's experiences and skills. Correspondingly, within the team context, we try to draw on each individual's interests and strengths within the team context. Therefore, we expect our work to be enjoyable, fulfilling and worthwhile.

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