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Prospective, Multicenter, Single-Arm Study of VanquishTM Water Vapor Ablation for PrOstate CanceR

Prostate cancer
All genders
person-wave 50-89
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Principal Investigator: Liyan Zhuang, MD

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Vanquish Water Vapor Ablation Device (“Vanquish”) in subjects with Gleason Grade Group 2 (GGG2) localized intermediate-risk prostate cancer

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Stephanie Gomez

Study details

Inclusion Criteria
  • 1. ≥50 years of age; with life expectancy of ≥10 years
  • 2. 20-80cc prostate size measured by MRI
  • 3. ≤15 ng/ml PSA
Exclusion Criteria
  • 1. MRI evidence of extracapsular extension of cancer (MRI read as “definite,” “frank,” or
    “gross” ECE) as determined by MRI Central Imaging
  • 2. Contraindications to MRI
  • 3. Subjects with an installed pacemaker or other potentially electrically conductive
    implants (e.g. ICD, drug infusion pump, neurostimulator and bladder stimulators)
    implanted within 200mm (8 inches) of the Vanquish procedure Field Generator.
    Implants that are within 200 mm (8 inches) and can be turned off for the duration of the
    study procedure are acceptable.
Study Requirements

Participants will be followed-up for 7-days, 30-days, 90-days, 6-months, 12-months, 18-months, 24-months, 30-months, 36- months, 42-months, 48-months, 54-months, and 60-months. Subjects receiving an additional and/or repeat treatment will have 7-day, 30-day and 12- month visits after the repeat and/or additional treatments added to their follow-up schedule

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