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Non-Interventional Fresh Tumor Tissue

Analysis Of Cell Count, Viability, And Of Fresh Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Tissue

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Principal Investigator: Julian Wu, MD

Utilize fresh tumor tissue to aid the development of future therapies for brain cancer.

Briefly, a cell immunotherapy consisting of a patient’s autologous glioblastoma tumor cells, called ‘IGV-001’, is being tested in clinical trials. In order to advance clinical and product development of IGV-001, Imvax is seeking access to patient material to test key product parameters in a laboratory setting.

The device used to collect the tissue, the Myriad multifunctional device enabling suction, resection, and collection of tumor tissue (see NICO Myriad Use Manual) is an FDA-approved device that is safe

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Sarah Sexton

Study details

Inclusion Criteria
  • English speaking
  • Any individual >18 years old
  • Patients eligible for and undergoing craniotomy for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Please note: Patients undergoing craniotomy for presumed diagnosis of Grade IV GBM are eligible.
Study Requirements

The patient signs the informed consent form. Once the surgery is performed and the samples collected, the study period is concluded.

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