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Discovery Approach to Ocular Hypertension

All genders

No minimum age

Recruiting now


Principal Investigator: M. Elizabeth Fini, Ph.D.

Eligible subjects are selected from a registry maintained by the Clinical Site: Cornea Research Foundation of America (CRFA) In Indianapolis. Registry patients are individuals who underwent corneal surgery at the Price Vision Group and whose intraocular pressure was tracked over at least a 6-month period following their surgery and follow-up treatment with steroids. The patients" clinical data resides in the registry. Thus, ONLY CRFA registry patients are eligible for recruitment to the study. Selected registry patients that meet all inclusion/exclusion criteria are phoned, the study is explained, and if they agree to participate they are mailed a consent form. The signed form is returned to CRFA by mail. Enrolled subjects are then mailed a saliva collection kit. Patients mail their filled kits to the Laboratory Site, previously USC, now Tufts Medical Center. DNA will be prepared, and DNA analysis will be performed at Tufts Medical Center. DNA will be stored at Tufts Medical Center. Statistical analysis to associate patient clinical data to DNA genotype will be performed at the Statistical Site: the University of Illinois Chicago.

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