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Obstetrics + Gynecology Residency Program - Wellness

At Tufts Medical Center we believe that the wellness of our residents is critical to their ability to achieve and provide the best care to their patients.

We know that wellness means something different to everyone and as program directors we believe in finding a balance for each individual resident.

We also sponsor group activities!  Each year, one of the chief residents takes on the role of Wellness Chief to help coordinate monthly activities for the residents to mitigate the stressors of residency training.  Some of those activities include meditation, exercise and gratitude exercises. Each year the residents participate in ACOG’s wellness week and schedule daily events during that time which have included rock climbing, exercise classes and relaxing down-time. The residents enjoy a 24 hour retreat annually, participating in both team building and wellness events. Our GME office also sponsors activities each year in August for the residents to plan an out of work social event to kick off the new academic year – as this is Boston, a boat cruise in the “ha-bah” is a popular choice event.  

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