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Obstetrics + Gynecology Residency Program - Our Residents

Areta Bojko

Areta Bojko, MD 
Hometown: Glastonbury, CT 
Undergrad: Fordham University 
Medical School: George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences 
Favorite Thing about Tufts: surgical experience 
Favorite Thing about Boston: esplanade


Janelle Driscoll

Janelle Driscoll, MD, MPH 
Hometown: Andover, MA 
Undergrad and Grad: Tulane University 
Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine 
Favorite Thing about Tufts: Tufts is an incredible hospital providing extremely high quality care to all of our patients but with a warm, community feel. Our team of residents care deeply about each other and the patients we care for. 
Favorite Thing about Boston: The city has so much to offer lots of great breweries, restaurants and outdoor spaces to enjoy and walk pups! I also love that in New England we are close to the beach in the summer and the mountains in the winter.


Mad Ganz

Mad Ganz, MD 
Hometown: Lincoln, MA 
Undergrad: Georgetown University 
Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine 
Favorite thing about Tufts: I love my co-residents and how supportive everyone is of each other. I also love that we get to see a combination of high acuity and complex cases at Tufts, and high volume "bread-and-butter" cases at our outside hospitals. 
Favorite thing about Boston: I love that Boston is a small "big" city where you can walk almost anywhere, and are also only a short drive away from amazing mountains and beaches.


Margaret Nemetz

Margaret Nemetz, MD 
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI 
Undergrad: Macalester College 
Medical School: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine 
Favorite thing about Tufts: My co-residents! Plus family planning training, diverse patient population and emphasis on advocacy 
Favorite thing about Boston: Great restaurants, close proximity to the beach and the mountains and city walk and bike-ability!


Karishma Patel

Karishma Patel, MD 
Hometown: Clarksburg, MD 
Undergrad: University of Maryland, College Park 
Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine 
Favorite Thing about Tufts: Mentorship between residents (During intern year you are paired with a chief for each rotation and during outside hospital rotations, 2nd and 3rd year residents are paired together!) 
Favorite Thing about Boston: Trying new restaurants and walking along all the waterfront areas!

Tracey Akanbi

Tracey Akanbi, MD 
Hometown: Staten Island, NY 
Undergrad: City College of New York 
Medical School: CUNY School of Medicine 
Favorite Thing about Tufts: The vast amount of exposure to a plethora of pathologies!


Charlotte Lee

Charlotte Lee, MD 
Hometown: West Allenhurst, NJ 
Undergrad: Duke University 
Medical School: The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University 
Favorite thing about Tufts: Our shared values around advocacy and reproductive justice, the ability we have to provide excellent clinical care while having fun, and the supportive community of residents, faculty, nursing, and staff that celebrates each other's wins and helps each other through challenges. 
Favorite thing about Boston: Reading in the Public Garden, picnics on the Esplanade, and being able to walk to all my favorite restaurants in the South End.


Gouri Sadananda

Gouri Sadananda, MD 
Hometown: Westbury, NY  
Undergrad: SUNY Stoney Brook 
Medical School: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine 
Favorite Thing about Tufts: In addition to my amazing co-residents who keep me sane, I love the surgical exposure we get, especially early in our residency. I look at my chiefs and the incredibly skilled surgeons that they are and hope that I will be there one day! 
Favorite Thing about Boston: Boston summers are filled with outdoor activities; I love going hiking, picnicking down at the esplanade, reading out on the Common, grabbing drinks and dinner at outdoor restaurants, or hanging out on rooftops!


Stelios Vagios

Stelios Vagios, MD 
Hometown: Irakleio, Crete, GREECE 
Undergrad/Graduate: University of Athens School of Health Sciences 
Medical School: University of Athens School of Health Sciences 
Favorite thing about Tufts: The people and the sense of community 
Favorite thing about Boston: The esplanade, restaurants, seafood.


Ryan Zoldowski

Ryan Zoldowski,MD 
Hometown: Charlotte, NC 
Undergrad: Davidson College 
Medical School: Wake Forest University School of Medicine 
Favorite thing about Tufts: Faculty who push us to learn and grow, surgical and subspecialty exposure from day 1, co-residents who truly are the best people in the world 
Favorite thing about Boston: great public transit, easy access to the outdoors and beaches, huge LGBTQ+ community, all the good food in Chinatown.

Sarah Freeman

Sarah Freeman, MD 
Hometown: Lincoln, MA 
Undergrad: Colorado College 
Medical School: Duke University School of Medicine 
Favorite thing about Tufts: my co-interns and the proximity to dumplings 
Favorite thing about Boston: being close to my family and spending time on the esplanade


Ren Ivbaze

Ren Ivbaze, MD 
Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA 
Undergrad: Emory University 
Graduate: Emory University 
Medical School: University of Queensland - Ochsner Clinical School 
Favorite thing about Tufts: how supportive the staff and my co-residents are Favorite thing about Boston: I am a fan of art so I really love the SOWA art district! Also all the awesome dining options.


Isabella MacNamara

Isabella MacNamara, MD 
Hometown: Logan, Utah 
Undergrad: Smith College 
Medical School: University of Utah School of Medicine 
Favorite Thing about Boston: New England falls!


Tiffany Mei

Tiffany Mei, MD 
Hometown: Newton, MA 
Undergrad: Brandeis University 
Medical School: University of Rochester 
Favorite thing about Tufts: Serving a diverse patient population and working with my co-residents  
Favorite thing about Boston: How walkable the city is, and the food scene


Ndeye Sall

Ndeye Sall, MD 
Hometown: Dakar, Senegal 
Undergrad: Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA 
Medical school: Tufts University School of Medicine 
Favorite thing about Tufts: there is a great sense of camaraderie among the resident classes. I felt like a part of the family from day one! 
Favorite thing about Boston: food scene, art, and culture


Nairi Strauch

Nairi Strauch, MD 
Hometown: Piedmont, CA& 
Undergrad: Stanford University 
Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine 
Favorite thing about Tufts: Wonderful community of hardworking and supportive people. 
Favorite thing about Boston: Easy access to waterfront views and great restaurants

Elise Abi Antoun

Elise Abi Antoun, MD
Hometown: Beirut, LEB
Undergrad/Grad: Saint Joseph University of Beirut, School of Medicine
Medical school: Saint Joseph University of Beirut, School of Medicine
Favorite thing(s) about Tufts: Sense of community and belonging. Every member of the team is committed to self-growth but also to help others grow and improve. Tufts is a place where inclusivity and diversity are valued. The focus on advocacy for reproductive rights and justice is another major asset of the program
Favorite thing(s) about Boston: The architecture, the lively summer events around the city, sunset on the esplanade, the food, the people and the diversity

Martha Doxsey

Martha Doxsey, MD

Hometown: Lexington, MA
Undergrad: University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Medical School: Penn State College of Medicine
Favorite thing about Tufts: The community and support from my co-residents and attendings, Tufts really does feel like a family.
Favorite thing about Boston: I love having 4 seasons and how walkable Boston is with so many parks and neighborhoods to explore

Adriana Johnson

Adriana Johnson, MD, PhD
Hometown: Brookline, MA
 Undergrad: Bard College
Medical School and Grad: University of Pittsburgh
Favorite Thing about Tufts: the supportive culture where residents help each other grow and patients are cared for with kindness and respect.
Favorite Thing about Boston: Great parks, excellent food, wonderful museums, huge range of activities for kids, short drive to beaches in summer and mountains in winter

Shannon Wagner

Shannon Wagner, MD,MPH

Hometown: Pittsburg, PA
Undergrad: The Pennsylvania State University
Medical School: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Favorite thing about Tufts: I love how Tufts is a combination of a supportive academic environment with a busy, diverse patient population with high acuity. Everyone genuinely cares about your learning, each other, and most of all our patients.
Favorite thing about Boston: All the green space! There are tons of parks, waterfronts, and trails for people to be outside and be active. Boston is also a picturesque city steeped in history, with beautiful architecture and walkable neighborhoods

Shannon West

Shannon West, MD
Hometown: Millbury, MA
Undergrad: Union College, Schenectady NY
Medical School: UMass Chan Medical School, Worcester MA
Favorite thing about Tufts: My co-residents! My co-interns, our chiefs and mid-levels are all amazing people to learn from, so supportive and always ready to debrief and decompress after a hard day and celebrate the good ones!
Favorite thing about Boston: There is never a shortageof new experiences to have in your time outside the hospital! Endless and diverse restaurants and bars, gorgeous outdoor areas to explore in the parks and along the water, groups for any type of sport or exercise you're into and so many places to catch a movie, comedy show, music concert and literally anything else you can think of!

Shelby Wildish

Shelby Wildish, MD
Hometown: Kingston, JAM
Undergrad: Texas Christian University
Medical School: Anne Marion Burnett School of Medicine
Favorite Thing about Tufts: The welcoming community!
Favorite Thing about Boston: The fact that the city is right on the water, which reminds me a lot of home.

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