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Internal Medicine Residency Program – Welcome From the Program Director

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We are so pleased you are considering Tufts Internal Medicine Residency Program. Tufts Medicine is a special place. We have a longstanding tradition of training outstanding clinicians ready to take on a wide diversity of careers. Our moderate size program is large enough to provide a variety of excellent learning opportunities and experiences, but small enough to create a tight-knit community where everyone including faculty, residents and nurses know your name and support is genuine and caring.

Our unique subspecialty system consists of 3-week rotations in each subspecialty where you learn directly from faculty board certified in that area. This strengthens education, allowing a deeper dive into a subspecialty topic taught by experts in the field. Located in the heart of Chinatown, Tufts Medical Center serves a diverse racial, cultural, and socioeconomic population; in particular a large Asian immigrant population.  We believe the diversity of patients and the pathologies you will see are an integral component to your training as a physician.

At Tufts, we pride ourselves on creating a supportive learning environment; where “I don’t know” is role modeled by faculty, fellows and residents and is always followed by “lets figure this out together.” Our educational philosophy is based on adult learning theory where residents have autonomy and space to make decisions, with appropriate supervision that allows for progressive independence.  

One of our highlights is resident run Morning Report, which is filled with amazing teaching cases, engagement and laughs. We have a 100% ABIM board pass rate for over 5 years. Our academic advising program is designed to help you reach your long-term career goals and find the right mentoring for scholarly activities. Finally, we have a great fellowship match every year and our residents move onto excellent jobs. Tufts Residency Training Program has a lot to offer. We believe in diversity, equity and inclusion and welcome all applicants. We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about what makes our program so special. We hope you will consider us for your internal medicine residency training.

Thank you for your interest!

Kathleen M. Finn MD, M.Phil 
Program Director 
Internal Medicine Residency Program

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