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Child + Adolescent Psychiatry Training - Current Fellows

First Year CAP Fellows
Micheala Margolis

Michaela Margolis, DO
Immediately upon starting my interview with Tufts for the CAP fellowship, I felt a sense of warmth and genuine interest in my goals from each faculty member. This feeling stuck with me throughout the interview season and ultimately influenced me to come here. I have since felt that same warmth since starting my fellowship here, and am thrilled to be in such a passionate teaching environment. Each faculty member has made the transition from residency an easy one, with attentive mentorship, and leaders who ensure we have the resources to meet our goals. I find it especially helpful to have two mentors who meet with us weekly and individually. I feel lucky to be training in a program that supports my interests while providing a strong foundation in child psychiatry. My clinical and scholarly interests include treating special needs and late-adolescence populations, research and practice in autism spectrum disorder and ADHD treatment, advocacy, and teaching. Tufts provides numerous opportunities to be directly involved in cases pertaining to my interests, and to learn alongside specialists in these, and other, niche fields. I am also able to continue engaging in my passions for advocacy with faculty members who are also passionate about this, and have created opportunities to engage. I’m excited to continue my journey with Tufts and continue to build upon my interests with this strong support system.

Vivian Shie

Vivian Shie, DOVivian Shie, DO
During my interview experience at Tufts, I was immediately drawn to the sense of warmth and collegiality between fellows and staff. This was only further reiterated during my transition from residency to fellowship. While I anticipated the transition to be daunting, everyone immediately made me feel at ease and well supported. I am particularly interested in the cultural implications in child and adolescent mental health and Boston’s diverse population and Tufts’ location in Chinatown, with a large Asian community, offers unique exposure and training opportunities to work with patients of various backgrounds. Since starting training, I have had the privilege of working with, and learning from, multiple supportive faculty as well as the opportunity to rotate at different hospitals in Boston. I am grateful to have the privilege of training at Tufts, to be able to learn from renowned faculty and encouraged to be curious and continue to grow as a psychiatrist.

Chief Fellows
Taylor Dodds, MD

Taylor Dodds, MD
I choose the Tufts CAP fellowship due to seeing a department that exudes an atmosphere where faculty members passionately impart their knowledge, fostering an environment where fellow learning is a priority. A distinctive hallmark of the program is the presence of diverse and accomplished female leaders, a testament to the commitment to fostering inclusivity and innovative thinking. At the heart of our fellowship lies an unwavering commitment to fostering camaraderie among our faculty and co-fellows. This bond extends beyond the confines of the professional realm, creating a nurturing ecosystem that supports personal aspirations. This has allowed me to balance the demands of professional life and my journey as a new mother, subsequently furthering my understanding of child psychiatry. Our program, emboldens fellows to explore a myriad of therapeutic techniques, fostering a dynamic and personalized approach to patient care. This journey is enriched by dedicated time for reflection and constructive feedback, ensuring continuous refinement of your skills and methodologies. I feel confident that upon graduation from this program, the comprehensive training and nurturing environment will equip me to seamlessly navigate any future career within the realm of child psychiatry.  

Tinu Hirachan, MD

Tinu Hirachan, MD
I chose Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Tufts Medical Center for a multitude of compelling reasons that harmoniously align with my professional aspirations. The institution's commitment to diversity resonates deeply with my values, allowing me to engage with a wide range of perspectives and enriching my clinical practice. The collegial working environment fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing among esteemed colleagues, creating an atmosphere conducive to continuous learning and growth. Moreover, the robust guidance from experienced faculties available at Tufts Medical Center has empowered me to contribute to the evolving field of child psychiatry and make meaningful contributions to the well-being of young patients. The vibrant city of Boston, with its rich cultural tapestry and diverse community, has provided an inspiring backdrop for my journey. I am eager to leverage the teaching experience provided by the center to nurture future generations of mental health professionals while honing my leadership qualities in guiding innovative approaches to child psychiatry."

Han Yue, MD

Han Yue, MD
An encouraging and supportive program was one of the most important factors that helped with my transition from medical school to residency and was one of the primary things I was looking for in a fellowship program. Following my interview day at Tufts, I was struck by the sense of warmth and collegiality that was evident from my conversations with the faculty and other fellows. Many other aspects of Tufts were also relevant to my personal interests including: exposure to Asian mental health, an emphasis on psychotherapy and family-based interventions, becoming involved with medical education, and exposure to a variety of different healthcare systems, due to the opportunity to rotate through multiple Boston hospitals. Over the past year, I have had a wonderful experience at Tufts and am thankful for the opportunity to train, grow, and learn from everyone here.

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