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General Surgery Residency – How to Apply

All applications to our residency and fellowship programs should be submitted through the Electronic Registry Application System (ERAS) database. To register for the ERAS database, please go to

Applications are accepted from September 1 through November 1. We participate in the National Registry Match Program (NRMP). In addition to registering with ERAS, all candidates must register with the NRMP. For more information regarding the NRMP registration process, please go to

Our program incorporates applicant screening processes that align with the latest evidence in selection science and allows all candidates to demonstrate their interest and aptitude for our program equitably. Our goal is to help match applicants who will be happy, thrive and contribute to the culture and values of our program. 

To this aim, we will ask all high-potential candidates to complete an additional assessment through the SelectWise system. The assessment has been created through an in-depth review of our program’s culture, values and expectations. It is intended to help us obtain more information about you and give you more insight into what it would be like to be a surgery resident in our program. Applicants who meet our minimum eligibility criteria will be invited to complete the assessment directly through the SelectWise system via email invitation.

If you have any questions about applying to Tufts Medical Center surgical training programs, please contact Annette Cerulli.

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