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Endocrinology Fellowship Program - Research Opportunities

Learn about the research training opportunities that are part of the Endocrinology Fellowship Program at Tufts Medical Center in downtown Boston, MA.

Fellows in the program are expected to participate in a meaningful way in an endocrine-related research project. During the first year, trainees learn about the research interests of the faculty members by attending Research Seminars, Journal Clubs and by direct interaction with the faculty.

In general, Fellows should reach an agreement to carry out research with a specific faculty member by the end of the first year or the program. For Fellows who will complete the program in two years, approximately 35% of their time during the second year should be devoted to research.

The Fellows will learn to critically review the pertinent literature, design studies, develop research methodologies, collect and analyze primary data and present their findings and prepare and submit abstracts. A member of the Endocrinology faculty will supervise the research program. It is expected that the Fellow submit at least one abstract each year to a national meeting of societies such as The Endocrine Society, The American Thyroid Association, or The American Diabetes Association.

Endo 2023
Dr. Hiba Obeid, Associate Program Director Dr. Feyza Erenler, Fellow Dr. Ekta Tirthani, John Aurora, PharmD, Fellow Dr. Van Phan, at Endo 2023.
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