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Endocrinology Fellowship Program - Fellow Responsibilities First Year

Learn about the responsibilities of our first year fellows at Tufts Medical Center in downtown Boston, MA.
Outpatient Clinics - Core
  • Evaluation of new and continuing care of returning patients in the following subspecialty clinics:
    • Bone
    • Neuroendocrine
    • Thyroid
    • Thyroid FNA (a few times a year as needed)
    • Diabetes and Lipid
  • At the end of the first-year, one of these clinics is designated as "continuity" clinic and is done weekly.
  • Other clinics are every week or every other week, depending on the fellow's interest or educational need.  
Outpatient Clinics - Electives
  • Evaluation of new and continuing care of returning patients in the following subspecialty clinics:
    • Pediatric endocrinology
    • Gender health
    • Weight and wellness
    • Advanced lipid
    • Advanced thyroid cancer
  • These electives may take place at other academic institutions in the Boston metropolitan area.
  • Each block is 4 to 8 weeks.
Inpatient Consultation Service
  • Coverage of the Inpatient Endocrinology Consultation Service and Diabetes Management Service (on weekends) in coordination with the resident(s) and student(s) rotating through the Service.
  • 16 weeks total, in eight 2-week blocks for each second-year fellow:
    • July and August (8 weeks total), so first year fellows have time to adjust and prepare for the ABIM internal medicine examination.
    • November (first 2 weeks)
    • December (first 2 weeks)
    • January or February (4 weeks total)
  • The fellow who is covering the inpatient endocrinology consultation service also covers the inpatient Glycemic Consultation Service (GCS) during weekends and holidays.
Self-study, didactics and endocrine conferences
  • Daily, independent and in-depth study from endocrine reference textbooks, selected articles (available in the shared drive and campus library) and the endocrine literature on topics relevant to patients seen or discussed in conference.
  • Presentation of short clinical cases at the weekly Clinical Case Conference. Second-year fellows are expected to present patients with more complicated conditions and go into more depth in their presentations.
  • Attendance and active participation at monthly interdisciplinary conferences (pathology, radiology).
  • Two in-depth presentations at Endocrine Seminar Series per year.
Research and/or quality improvement
  • Meaningful participation in an endocrine-related research project and/or quality improvement project.
  • Present abstract(s) at national meetings and prepare and submit publication(s) for peer-reviewed journal(s).
  • Fellows attend 1 national conference a year, typically Endo Society or American Diabetes Association.
  • Organization of multidisciplinary conferences, e.g., pathology, radiology. Teaching of residents and students when rotating in Endocrinology.
  • Participate in formal teaching of residents through noon ambulatory conferences, didactics or case-based sessions.
  • Participate in teaching the second-year medical students during the Endocrine Course at Tufts University School of Medicine as part of Team Based Learning.
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