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Spiritual Care at Tufts Medical Center

Here to support our community


Are you feeling scared, lonely, overwhelmed, or any other big emotion? Would you like support—someone to talk to? Someone to be beside you?  Or maybe some of both? We are here for you. 

Interfaith chaplains are professional members of the healthcare team here to provide spiritual and emotional support to our patients, their loved ones and our staff. We are available to assist and care for people of any or no religious tradition or spiritual identity. We can explore with you what holds meaning for you and where you find support and comfort and incorporate this into your care. If this would be helpful during your hospital stay, please contact us at 617.636.2500 or tiger text the "T On Call Chaplain" role. You will never be charged for spiritual care services.

Reasons to call a chaplain

  • A patient or family member requests spiritual care
  • Devotional materials, such as bibles, rosaries, crystals, journals, head scarves
  • Spiritual practices, such as meditation, reiki, and prayer, aromatherapy
  • Facilitate visits by outside clergy
  • Assess sources of meaning and comfort
  • A patient or family is in distress
  • Support for decision-making and ethical questions
  • Compassionate company
  • Marking significant moments
  • Celebrating successes
  • End of life care
  • Staff needing individual support
  • Staff needing collective support, such as a debrief
  • A need for kindness, love, and/or attention

Meditation Room

The Marjorie Hanna Cleveland Meditation Room, located on the 6th floor of Tufts Medical Center, is available for prayer, meditation and quiet conversation. All are welcome.

CARE Center

Are you feeling scared or lonely or overwhelmed? Would you like some support, someone to talk to to be beside you, or maybe some of both?

Spiritual Care is a part of the CARE Center at Tufts Medical Center. The CARE (building Compassion, Altruism, and Resiliency through Experience) Center is located at Tufts Medical Center and integrates the work of Family/Child Life, Spiritual Care, Music Therapy and the Facility Dog Program into a collaborative center to create, sustain and grow compassion through experience. The CARE Center is both an integrated, collaborative service and a physical space. See us on the units and across the hospital or come visit us on Floating 8. 

Our team

Rev. Ali Jablonsky

Interfaith Chaplains:

Chris Bodecker
Esther Bowen
Grainne Buchanan
Ashley Clements
Kevin Grandberry
Ali Jablonsky
Katie Willis

Catholic Priests: 
Fr.  Janusz Chmielecki 
Fr. Girmay Wolde 
Fr. Jay Woods

The Archdiocese of Boston provides priest coverage for Catholic care and sacramental emergencies. In addition to providing sacramental care through our regular priests, local on-call priests provide sacramental care in emergencies.

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