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The Robin and David Jaye Center for Nursing Excellence

Into The Future
Scholarship. Leadership. Innovation. Practice
Nurse in the infusion center taking care of patient.


The Robin and David Jaye Center for Nursing Excellence is committed to extraordinary safe patient family centered care. Our goal is the restoration of optimal health and promotion of well-being through diversity, innovation, inter-professionalism and evidence based practices. Through our Professional Practice Model of Scholarship, Leadership, Innovation and Practice, excellence in care delivery is promoted and established using three theories:

  • Relationship Based Care
  • Leninger's Transcultural Care
  • Neuman's System Care Model

The Jaye Center for Nursing Excellence supports the advancement of clinical nursing and inter-professional collaborative practices through research, innovation, professional development and quality. Teams of expert professional development directors and clinical educators work interdependently and synergistically, ensuring care of patients and families is grounded in the art and science of nursing across the entire lifespan. The four domains that advance clinical care delivery are:

  • Excellence in Patient and Family Care
  • Excellence in Nursing Science
  • Excellence in Innovation
  • Excellence in Organizational Outcomes

Nursing, in partnership with interprofessional colleagues, patients, and families develop and promote strategies to improve health preferences for patients, satisfaction of service, promotion and sustainability of new nursing knowledge and science, a healthy workforce, just culture and an opportunity for lifelong learning among healthcare disciplines.

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