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Nursing Recognition

At Lowell General Hospital, we are always finding new ways to recognize our employees for a job well done. It is important to give thanks and celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of our great team for their unwavering commitment to patients and our community.

Recognition programs

Daisy Award Slide

Lowell General Hospital has partnered with the DAISY Foundation to bring a meaningful way for anyone in our community to publicly recognize our nurses. The DAISY Foundation established the DAISY Award® in memory of J. Patrick Barnes. The Barnes family was awestruck by the clinical skills, caring and compassion of the nurses who cared for Patrick, so they created the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses to say thank you to nurses everywhere.

Want to recognize extraordinary care? Nominate a nurse today for a DAISY Award.


Tulip award

The Lowell General Hospital TULIP Award recognizes our extraordinary nursing assistants and technicians who help provide exceptional care to our patients, and display compassion, empathy, kindness and Thankful Unique Lasting Impressionable Patient care. 

Want to recognize extraordinary care? Nominate a nursing assistant or technician today for a TULIP Award.

Nursing excellence awards

DAISY Awards

Lowell General Hospital's DAISY Award program recognizes nurses who provide exceptional care for patients. Nurses are nominated by patients based on their demonstration of their clinical skills, caring and compassion, to say thank you.

April 2024 DAISY Award
Melissa Cullingford, NP
Cancer Care Associates

“Melissa Cullingford has been an incredible support as my aunt has been going through the hardest fight of her life – cancer.

The level of compassion, commitment, understanding, honesty and care that Melissa displays has shown her dedication to patients. My aunt’s treatment has been complicated and filled with challenges. Melissa is always there. She listens, discusses everything - even the hard stuff where things could have gone better - and then she works to make them better.

Melissa takes her time, reviews everything, stays on top of changes, and is always there for an appointment, call or email when needed. She stops at nothing to help and does the right thing, and I am grateful that she chose this profession and this specialty.”



March 2024 DAISY Award
Rebecca Roy, RN
Labor and Delivery

“I am writing to nominate my nurse, Becki, for a DAISY Award based on her exceptional care. Becki not only listened to my birth plan wishes, but also stood by my decisions when circumstances shifted.
When things became frightening and it seemed I might have to deliver in Boston, Becki remained a calming presence, ensuring I felt safe and supported. Ultimately, a cesarean section at Lowell General Hospital was decided upon, and Becki remained by my side, holding my hand in the operating room.
As a fellow nurse, I can attest that Becki’s care has deeply impacted me and I am confident it will make me a better nurse. I am grateful for everything Becki did for me and I believe she is deserving of a DAISY Award.”



February 2024 DAISY Award
Amanda Cresta, RN
Oncology Care Unit

"Beginning this past summer, one of my best friends was a patient at Lowell General Hospital. She was discharged to rehab a few times, but always returned to the hospital where the majority of her time was spent in the Oncology Care Unit. She received exceptional care during her stay.

When she took a turn for the worse, Amanda Cresta was her nurse. My friend was in the worst state I had seen her. Amanda was patient, took time to listen, and immediately reached out to the physician to see if she could get something to make her more comfortable. Amanda always kept us updated on the changes and the status of the providers coming in to see my friend. Amanda always asked if we needed anything or if she could help us in any way.

My friend did make a turnaround after this event and went on to be here for another six weeks. She always shared her love of the Lowell General staff with her family and me. They ensured that she had a cake for her birthday, sang Happy Birthday, and gave her a gift that included items she could use while in the hospital.

I cannot say enough about the care my lifelong friend received at Lowell General Hospital during an extended period of time. She spoke of her experience with the Lowell General staff, which was amazing. She felt she was in competent hands, especially in the Oncology Care Unit. The staff was knowledgeable, attentive, extremely kind, compassionate, and always eager to meet her comfort needs. She always referred to the staff as 'her' nurse and techs. They had become family.

My friend always shared about the little things staff would do for her, such as washing her hair, braiding her hair to keep it out of her face, applying lotions, and the birthday cake and gifts she received. These touching encounters made a world of difference to her. While all the unit staff members were terrific, I need to call out an exceptional nurse, Amanda Cresta.

Amanda was the nurse for my friend on the day she needed to be made care and comfort. Amanda ensured she was in the room with the family and me during every interaction with the providers on the care team. Amanda was attentive to all of our needs and sat with us from time to time to listen and offer words of comfort.

When the family decided to bring my friend's young daughter in to see her mom, Amanda returned to the nurses' station and discussed ideas with the team on how to make my friend look her best for her daughter. I walked up and overheard this conversation myself, and it was a moment that touched me deeply. The team made her look so much better tucked under a blanket the staff had purchased, smelling so welcoming with the lotions they had applied.

My friend made it through the night, and Amanda was her nurse the next day. First thing in the morning, she checked in on the family and me. After I had left at lunchtime, Amanda took my friend's daughter and niece down to the cafe to get a bit to eat. This simple action meant so much to the family.

Later, my friend passed and Amanda made sure that the family had rhythm strips of her heart and made a handprint mold of her hand. As she left the hospital, my friend's daughter stopped Amanda and hugged her. Amanda stated she would be there if she needed anything, and let her know how to reach her. The family could not say enough wonderful things about Amanda. The girls saw a poster about the DAISY Award and wanted Amanda to be nominated.

As a fellow Lowell General employee, I cannot express enough my sincere gratitude for all that Amanda did for the family and me. Knowing how busy and hard the nurses work each day, she gave us those special touchpoints when she could have taken her break or caught up on her documentation.

Those simple actions will stay with my friend's daughter as special moments during the most challenging time. Thank you, but those words are not enough for the gift you gave to me and the family."

January 2024 DAISY Award Winner
Brianna Houston, RN
Mother-Infant Unit

“Many call it the ‘nurse curse,’ and if that is what I had because I’m a fellow nurse I am thankful that I had all of the amazing nurses at Lowell General Hospital by my side. It was a traumatic, emergent situation of giving birth on a Monday night. On Tuesday morning we were introduced to our nurse Bri. She was energetic and positive, which is exactly what we needed at this time.
Unfortunately, I did start going through another nurse curse. Bri used her best nursing skills, and although it was probably the most pain I’ve ever felt, Bri was able to assist in my care until it was decided that I needed to go to the OR. Without going into all of the details, we were lucky that each day after we had Bri assisting in my care. She was able to ever so slightly push me to get me to where I needed to be in recovery. Each day she asked me a humorous question just to lighten the mood a little bit in this traumatic experience.

Being a nurse admitted in the hospital and not being able to hold my newborn, while trying to personally recover emotionally and physically – I was fortunate to have nurses like Bri by my side. Bri was compassionate and understood that although a nurse myself, I still was unfamiliar with the specialty that she was so well-versed in.

Each day my husband and I looked forward to our next steps with Bri. As I’m sitting here in the Special Care Nursery spending time with our newborn baby and filling out this DAISY nomination form, I like knowing that Bri is on the unit giving this same level of care to the next mother that just delivered and needs her empathy and knowledge. We were so fortunate to be here at Lowell General Hospital and we want to thank you for the amazing care that we had from all of the nurses, aides, and doctors.”



December 2023 DAISY Award
Erin Laferriere, RN
Department: ICU-G

"A message came through on my phone saying my friend had a severe asthma attack and went into cardiac arrest. I went straight to Lowell General, and everything from that point on got very real. The heartache we were about to face is indescribable.

We have a large, close-knit group of friends of 35 years who all started to arrive at the hospital. When I entered my friend's room, I was first introduced to Erin, the RN, and Lisa, the NP. From the moment we met them, it felt like they became our pillars of strength. A critical piece that none of us realized we so desperately needed as we held each other up, crying and still in disbelief.
Erin was orienting a student and introduced herself to all of us. Her eye contact made us feel valued, her compassion made us feel secure, and her professionalism made us feel confident she was going to do everything in her power to help save our dear friend.

Erin provided 1:1 care for the next 12 hours, in addition to being charge nurse for the whole unit. Even with all her competing demands, Erin was so attentive to my friend's needs in her critical state. She consistently explained everything she was doing, how long it would take, and made sure to let us know the minute we could return to my friend's bedside.

Erin showed incredible patience with the large number of us as we asked questions and looked for answers she knew she couldn't give us. As a nurse myself, this was the piece that I will never forget. It was the first time I had a front-row seat to critical care nursing – now on the opposite side as a distraught friend of a critically ill patient. Erin answered every question we had with patience, professionalism, and even a semblance of hope, which we all needed in our shocked state.

Erin has remarkable emotional intelligence. She was constantly feeding off our cues. She could read the room and recognized how she could share factual updates with some of us, especially those in healthcare, while considering the emotions of my friend's parents and their inability to accept the inevitable. I could tell Erin had done this countless times as a critical care nurse, and her experience in these situations made her more sensitive to us as concerned family and friends. She never once made us feel as if a question or a concern was not necessary. She never rushed us or made us feel like our questions were irrelevant. She was consistently present, all day long. The whole team was so present and the communication was excellent.

We all knew with 100% confidence that everything that could be done for our friend was being done. What was most reassuring was that I knew early on Lowell General had all their bases covered. To say I was impressed is an understatement. The whole team was beyond accommodating, even in the first 24 hours of my friend's critical state and need for constant care.

The setup of the ICU was unique, with the waiting rooms for families right outside the patient rooms. I had never seen this before, and it felt so much more inviting and made us feel that our needs were valued. This was essential in our time of need and something we will never forget.

Erin balanced all her competing demands professionally. The attention she gave to all of us was beyond impressive, seeing as my friend's needs were the priority. This is something not all nurses master; catering to the emotional needs of patients and family members while delivering high-quality care at a demanding pace.

I will never forget Erin's gift or that of the entire care team. Erin was our pillar of strength and my friend's most important angel in her time of despair. Erin exemplified critical care nursing at its finest. A true gift that she may not even know she has mastered. A more than fitting reason to nominate Erin for the DAISY Award that she is so incredibly deserving of.

In the words of poet Maya Angelou, 'They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel." However, we will never forget your name, Erin.'



October 2023 Daisy Award

Danielle Johns, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Medical 3

“Danielle was an angel. My uncle was admitted to Lowell General Hospital after a visit in the emergency room. It was shortly thereafter that we were told that he would qualify for hospice care. It was difficult to hear, but after a long battle with Corticobasal Degeneration we understood that this made sense. Because this is such a rare disease, the medical staff did the best they could to make my uncle comfortable. This was not a typical case for hospice and they were not certain of the many steps of his decline to come.

Danielle was a godsend for my uncle as well as my whole family. There were so many times she would come in to check on my uncle and make sure he was bathed and comfortable, and she showed him compassion. My uncle was no longer verbal, but that didn’t matter. Danielle would always address him directly and treated him with dignity. Beyond her compassion for my uncle, she could tell that my aunt and mother were so concerned about their brother. She would make sure to ask them how they were doing. She would spend time with them, talking about what to expect and what the different changes in his condition were. Danielle showed true compassion.

She could have easily come in to administer meds and then leave, but she always took the time to check on all of us. Her kindness and compassion were felt by all of us. My uncle passed away after four long weeks. The staff at Lowell General Hospital were all skilled and competent, but Danielle shined! Her occupation is being a caregiver and her kind personality and genuine care for her patients makes her extra special. I want her to know that what she did for my uncle and my whole family makes her a true hero. Thank you, Danielle! Always remember that what you do really matters!”



September 2023 Daisy Award

Melissa Pearson, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Dahod 3 - (D3)

“Our Mom was admitted to Lowell General Hospital from the cancer unit. She was there for cancer surgery, but they determined the cancer had grown too big for surgery so they admitted her for evaluation and to determine possible solutions. Mom’s age was 96 at that time and she was experiencing a tremendous amount of pain. Melissa met our Mom and they immediately bonded.

Melissa spent a good deal of time talking to our Mom who was very depressed due to all she was going through. With this type of cancer, Mom could not eat any solid food. Melissa went out of her way to go to the cafeteria and had them make her a frappe with nutrients that Mom loved.

After a week in the hospital, Mom was moved to a rehab center. She forgot her shawl at the hospital and Melissa found it and brought it to her at the rehab center. Mom celebrated her 97th birthday and the next day she got a birthday card from Melissa! Then Mom fell down the stairs at home and she was taken by ambulance to the emergency room at Lowell General. Melissa found out and went to the ER and helped her. Mom was so excited to see Melissa! Melissa is absolutely incredible!

During Mom’s entire stay at Lowell General, even when Melissa was off shift, she had other nurses visit Mom and spend time chatting. Mom thought that was the coolest thing! Bottom line, Melissa is the best! We would like Melissa to receive recognition for going above and beyond!”



August 2023 Daisy Award

Anthony Marinello, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Critical Care Services - Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Main Campus

“Anthony took care of my sister, Sarah, for three days during her stay in the ICU. Sarah has been medically complex for over 30 years and has been in the hospital dozens of times and received care from hundreds of nurses. Without a doubt, Anthony is one of the very best nurses to care for Sarah and care for us as her family.

Anthony’s technical skills are clearly exceptional. He was knowledgeable about what was happening with Sarah, her vitals and status. At any moment he was able to give us information about Sarah’s condition, which gave us a sense of comfort. He delivered care confidently and efficiently, and he was also gentle and compassionate.

Sarah is nonverbal and often times clinical staff think that means they don’t need to talk to her. Anthony took the time to explain to Sarah what was going to happen and when. He spoke to her in a gentle, caring tone. You could see her relax as he spoke.

Anthony did the same for us as her family. He let us know what he was going to do and why. He answered every question we had to the fullest extent possible, asked what else we wanted to know, and asked us if he could do anything to make us more comfortable. It was through these actions that he displayed exceptional empathy for what our family was experiencing. As if he knew what we needed before we did, he expertly guided us by providing timely information and thoughtful care.

One of the days that Anthony was caring for Sarah, he was also teaching a college nursing student. It was clear from how he interacted with the student that his compassion and empathy extends beyond patients to include students. He was so thoughtful in his approach. He described in incredible detail what he was doing and why. He was happy to answer questions and repeat information.

Beyond the technical skills, Anthony was teaching this young student what compassion and empathy look like as a nurse. He explained why delivering medications through an IV with a particular method may take a few minutes longer, but is more comfortable for the patient. He talked about how he organizes the room and his time in the room so as to disturb the patient as little as possible while they are sleeping.

He encouraged the student to try suctioning Sarah’s mouth and gave her gentle and informative coaching as the student did it for the first time. He not only gave guidance about how to do the actual suction, but how to talk to Sarah about what was happening.

It is clear that ICU nurses are very busy. Many nurses might feel burdened by having a student with them. Anthony was thrilled to have a student and taught her without compromising the care his patients received. I cannot think of a more selfless act than to take time to model to the next generation of nurses how to be compassionate and empathetic.

I could go on, but will end by saying that if I could choose just one nurse to care for Sarah for the rest of her life it would undoubtedly be Anthony. Thank you, Anthony, for all that you did for Sarah and all that you do for your patients. They are so lucky to be in your care!”



July 2023 Daisy Award

Heather Day, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Medical 3

“Heather is a very hard-working, caring and compassionate nurse. She recently had an elderly care and comfort patient. Heather was so attentive to her all night, as she is to all of her patients. Heather turned her every two hours, and provided mouth care and back rubs. The family left their mom for the night in Heather’s capable hands. Heather was on top of her patient’s comfort all night.

At 4 am the patient took a quick turn for the worse. Heather stayed with the patient as she knew the patient would pass before the family could arrive. Heather sat with this patient, holding her hand, stroking her hand, talking to her and reassuring her until she passed. Heather was right on the mark regarding the quick change in condition. How great she was with the patient.

Heather called the family and was so compassionate. Heather is super to her patients. She listens, has great assessment skills and she truly cares about each patient. She looks at the whole picture so she can provide the best nursing care she possibly can. She provides exceptional care to every patient, every time. She exemplifies exactly what the DAISY Award is about.”



June 2023 Daisy Award

Maria Forte, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Maternity and Pediatrics - Labor and Delivery and Mother/Infant Unit

"I gave birth to my son after a long week of prodromal labor. I was beyond exhausted and because it was my first baby, I was scared. While every nurse I interacted with at Lowell General Hospital was lovely, Maria was the nurse who was with me during most of my labor and my delivery. Maria’s shift started right as I was getting my epidural and our first interaction was her holding me during the epidural to keep me from shaking too much. I immediately felt safe with Maria. She made incredible efforts to make me and my husband comfortable. She made sure to change my position regularly and when she moved me it was with incredible care. It is inspiring to watch someone do exactly what they are called to do in life. I truly believe Maria was born to be a Labor and Delivery nurse. I felt like I had someone from my own family watching over me because she was so caring.

At one point, I had a prolonged contraction that caused my baby to stop getting oxygen. Maria woke me up and started to shift me. While I was terrified about the safety of my baby, I completely trusted Maria and the rest of the nursing team to keep me and my baby safe. I knew that they would do everything to help me and my baby. Maria took the time to explain to my husband what was happening so he wouldn’t be afraid. After everything was okay, she explained every detail of what happened and made sure I was emotionally okay.

When it came time to deliver my son, I was so thankful Maria was still on shift to help me bring him into the world. She told me she was excited to put a new blue bead in her jar which she uses to track the babies she helps to be born. Maria is an incredible person and I feel extremely lucky to have had her as my nurse in my first experience in labor and birth. I think of her often when my son smiles.”



May 2023 Daisy Award

Stefanie Karpinski, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Operating Room

“I am writing this nomination to recognize OR nurse Stefanie Karpinski. I recently had to visit our OR for an emergency surgery. Needless to say, I was scared and feeling vulnerable. Stefanie met me in the pre-op area and then transitioned me to the OR. As an employee, it cannot be easy caring for another employee, but as a patient, there is no greater feeling of comfort and support than knowing you are being taken care of by an outstanding, compassionate nurse.

In the OR, Stefanie looked me in the eye and said, “we are going to take great care of you.” Stefanie spoke to me respectfully and in such a caring manner. She ensured I had a warm blanket underneath me and that I was wrapped in warm blankets to ensure my optimal comfort. She explained everything that was going to happen to me.

Right before the induction of anesthesia, Stefanie held my arm and looked me in the eye again, letting me know that they were going to take great care of me. She used guided imagery and suggested I think of my most favorite, relaxing place as she held and gently stroked my arm. I believe in a positive mindset, and Stefanie brought the art and science of nursing to help comfort me in what was a scary situation.

I will never forget how truly cared for I felt by Stefanie during this time, and know that her calling is exactly where she is in nursing. I am so thankful for nurses like Stefanie!”



April 2023 Daisy Award

Dawn Christiana, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Pediatrics and Special Care Nursery

“Dawn took care of my daughter five years ago and as soon as she saw me she remembered me. Her attention to detail, kindness, quickness and contagious laughter made my unexpected and anxious stay much smoother.

Dawn would contact the doctor right away with any needs and requests that I had. If anything was uncomfortable, Dawn would make sure to provide comfort immediately. Dawn is someone who loves her job and it shows by the love and care she gave me daily, for three whole days.

When my husband walked in, he recognized Dawn and it was like a small reunion. Back in 2018, Dawn was the nurse for my infant and was able to get my daughter’s IV in effortlessly. Fast forward to five years later and Dawn still shows the same love, compassion, sympathy, empathy, and kindness. I could go on and on about how amazing she is as a person and employee, and how she made me feel safe and in great hands.

Dawn is an exemplary employee who deserves all the daisies in the world!”



March 2023 Daisy Award

Donna Sabine, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Critical Care Services - Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Main Campus

“My son has been intubated for a week now. We had the privilege of having Donna as his nurse over the weekend.

Donna’s kindness and attention to detail was awesome! She went to her locker several times to get items that would make my son more comfortable. She washed his hair and shaved him to make him feel better about himself. She even went and got him a stuffed animal so he would have something to hold onto.

My son is very medically complicated and it takes a special person to show empathy and compassion towards someone like him. They don’t make them like Donna anymore! She was wonderful!”



February 2023 Daisy Award

Alexandra Matsis, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Dahod 3 - (D3)

“In mid-December I learned that I had brain and lung cancer. This news came as a shock and the last two plus weeks have been quite an ordeal. Near the end of December, I had a Lexsell Stereotactic brain biopsy. I was fortunate to have Alex there to care for me post-surgery. She was everything one would hope for in a nurse. She knew her stuff, she was kind and caring in everything she did, and she went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and cared for.

Alex not only treated me with the utmost respect, she treated my husband and our three sons equally so. Alex’s demeanor and her upbeat personality helped to raise my spirits and definitely made a positive difference in my recovery.

We thanked Alex for her wonderful care and she replied that ‘she was just doing her job.’ Alex certainly did do her job, but the way she did it was what makes her such an exceptional and noteworthy nurse. I am pleased to nominate Alex for the DAISY Award and consider her a worthy recipient of such a prestigious award.”



January 2023 Daisy Award

Alyssa Gendreau, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Dahod 4 - (D4)

“My husband was admitted from the Emergency Department to D4 for a very serious, unexpected and scary heart condition. Alyssa was assigned to be my husband’s nurse for the next four days. I should mention that the fourth day she picked up as an extra shift. While my husband and I were trying to process this new diagnosis, the need for a cardiac catheterization, potential for immediate transport to Tufts Medical Center, and a number of new medications, Alyssa was there to help care for and support us while also answering all of our questions.

Alyssa is unbelievably knowledgeable and genuinely interested and excited about cardiology, which left us feeling confident with the information she gave us. She went over and supplied us with educational materials regarding my husband’s condition, medication and recommended lifestyle changes. Alyssa made us feel that my husband’s care was her priority and she was there any time we needed anything. Her calming presence put us at ease. Additionally, Alyssa went out of her way to help us find my husband a new primary care physician and schedule an appointment for him.

Alyssa’s compassion, knowledge, commitment and skills are remarkable. My husband and I were talking, and we both agree that Alyssa has truly found her calling as a nurse. She was meant to care for people and should be seen as a role model to others in her profession.

Lastly, I want to add that I have worked at Lowell General Hospital for over seven years in a non-clinical role and have always heard about the great care that is provided to patients, but never really fully understood until now. Throughout our stay, from the ED to being discharged from D4 after a week, my husband was so well cared for by all of the staff. It was just exemplary and we are so thankful.”



December 2022 Daisy Award

Gustavo Bernardino Ferreira da Silva, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Reilly 3

“Gustavo consistently provides exceptional, compassionate care to any patient, coworker, or family member he encounters. He will volunteer to assist with any patient admission, transfer, and even volunteer to work as charge nurse on any day of the week. I believe he is one of our most empathetic nurses on Reilly 3. He consistently manages to surpass the bar of patient advocacy and care. Tonight, he ran over from the other side of our unit that he was working on because he was concerned about someone’s tele monitor. He hurried over to our side to make sure the patient was okay. Gustavo is unbelievable at what he does for our unit and brings us together as nurses. He is always willing to help his coworkers with any sort of patient-centered care. One shift, I was so overwhelmed with my patient assignment; anything that could possibly happen was happening all at once. I am a new graduate nurse and I was visibly overwhelmed. Gustavo pulled me aside, reassured me, and worked alongside me to ensure that me and my patients were comfortable and okay. He is constantly thinking of his coworkers. In addition, he is thoughtful and brings in goodies for our team members to make our shifts better and will strive to ensure all our patients’ necessities are met. I believe if anyone deserves this DAISY Award, it’s Gustavo.”



November 2022 Daisy Award

Michael Cribben, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Behavioral Health - Sullivan 1

“I am constantly receiving recognition for the excellent care Mike provides on Sullivan! Mike has consistently shined on the unit, not only clinically, but with his leadership — finding his way to a charge role rather quickly. Mike shows zero hesitation jumping right in to help his team and has even stepped forward to maintain the safety of the unit. Mike’s teamwork, honor, clinical skills and compassion are unmatched. He is often seen interacting directly with his patients, connecting with them, and truly making them feel heard throughout their stay. It is not uncommon to find Mike on the ground playing cards with his patients during his free time.

I received a phone call from a family member of a patient that had come through our unit.This family member went on to rave about the excellent care that was provided to her boyfriend from Mike. Behavioral Health is often a thankless field and this particular call stood out.

This family member mentioned that her boyfriend is extremely isolative in the community and often judged due to his physical characteristics, outbursts and volatility. Mike maintained professionalism and was able to establish a great rapport with this patient. Mike was the sole individual this patient began to trust. This patient was not engaging with staff or security due to feeling as if they already prejudged him. Mike was able to break through and make him truly feel heard and cared for. This patient was able to grow and return to the community due to Mike’s efforts and support throughout his stay. Mike is a great nurse! This is only one small example of how Mike really makes a huge impact on each patient that falls into his care.”

TULIP Awards

The TULIP Award Committee selects one honoree every other month who exemplifies the following characteristics of the TULIP Award:

  • Goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide the best patient care
  • Compassionate, empathic, kind and professional
  • Promotes teamwork
  • Strives to be a role model for peers
  • Exemplifies our Standards of Performance, Mission and Vision


April 2024 TULIP Award
Jamilah-Leilani Lomax, R4

“I want to acknowledge Jamilah-Leilani Lomax of R4 for her hard work and commitment to Lowell General Hospital. Jamilah-Leilani stands out because of her engagement in various activities that help our organization meet its mission. She delivers excellent patient care, and patients frequently recognize Jamilah-Leilani as an outstanding PCT.
Jamilah-Leilani gets along really well with her peers, nurses, leaders, and other members of the care team, including environmental services and the dietary staff. She is helpful, efficient, and professional in her practice. Jamilah-Leilani shows up to staff meetings whether she’s on the schedule to work or not. She makes it her point of duty to take staff meetings seriously. Jamilah-Leilani is R4’s representative on the Helping Hands Committee and commits to representing in the Helping Hands/TULIP Committee meetings.

Jamilah-Leilani recently cross-trained as a unit coordinator. When I asked PCTs if they were interested to cross-train, Jamilah-Leilani did not think twice. She responded and approached me with her calendar to make plans to start training. I was moved by Jamilah-Leilani’s energy and passion to grow and support our team, and she inspired me to get her started on her training right away. She has also been helpful to the team when she works as unit secretary when there is no unit secretary available. She does an amazing job and the nurses are grateful to know that Jamilah-Leilani bridges the gap to serve as unit coordinator for the shift. 

In addition, Jamilah-Leilani has flexed her shift over and over to meet the needs of the unit. She provides great patient care, communicates well with the team, brings flexibility and positivity to the team, and is a role model to others. Jamilah-Leilani is definitely the member everyone wants on their team.”

March 2024 TULIP Award
Sabrina Duquette, Ancillary Float Pool

“We had a patient in her 90s on care and comfort. The patient’s husband was at the bedside crying and saying, ‘please don’t leave me. I love you.’” We could all feel this pulling on our heartstrings. Sabrina comforted not only the patient, but the patient’s husband and family.

Sabrina spoke with the patient’s husband using kind words, and she also cried alongside of him. Sabrina was being honestly human, making sure the patient, the patient’s husband and the family members didn’t feel alone.

Sabrina assured them she was going to be right by their side. She cried with them as this was very sad. No matter the age, it is an extreme sadness to lose the love of your life. Sabrina reminded us all how important it is to pause and be present in the moment, even when it is busy.”

January 2024 TULIP Award
Alexis Moran, Oncology Care Unit

“Alexis is very compassionate, kind and empathetic. I have watched firsthand how Alexis takes care of her patients. We had a patient on our floor who knew they had cancer. This patient was not feeling well and came to Lowell General Hospital. It was here that the patient found out that the cancer had spread to other parts of their body. The patient, understandably, had a difficult time with this new news. The patient’s adult child had recently had a baby and the patient wanted to be here for the grandchild for as long as possible. Alexis maintained a positive attitude and spoke to the patient in a soft voice. Her conversations with the patient helped the patient to relax and stay calm. She also helped raise money to help the patient with medical bills and other expenses.

Alexis is always willing to train new employees, and she shows the true values of Lowell General Hospital. When Alexis is not working, the patients always ask for her. I believe that our patients feel the compassion and empathy Alexis has, radiating from her as she cares for them. When Alexis walks into a room she always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She treats her patients the way she would want her family to be treated. In my eyes, the definition of a TULIP Award winner is Alexis.”



November 2023 TULIP Award
Candace Pacheco, Ancillary Float Pool

“Sometimes you meet extremely beautiful people in your life when you are in an hour of your darkest need and fear. This is, and was, my first introduction to Candace who was floating on ICU and was my sitter for the day.

I remember the morning because I wished it had not come due to an extremely difficult night the day before. I had officially closed the door to my heart – or so I thought. I was awakened for my vitals to be taken and Candace’s face was the first thing I saw that morning. She touched my shoulder gently and spoke quietly with loving compassion. I felt the door to my heart slightly open.

As the morning progressed, my frown turned upside down as we spoke together – me crying through much of it. Candace was a calm, beautiful face mirroring peace and health the whole time. By the time 3 pm came I was smiling and laughing with hope and optimism. I will never forget Candace – her love and her compassion for listening. I am humbled by her kindness and care.”


September 2023 TULIP Award

Monica Cancel

“Monica is passionate about her job, helpful to her co-workers and caring to her patients. She is one of the most driven co-workers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I know if I need to ask for assistance from Monica, she will give kind, compassionate care to help a patient, a new staff member, or a patient’s family member. She is reliable, incredibly skilled and very motivated to improve our department.

Monica is hard-working and eager to work on ideas for improvement. Monica helped to organize our trauma room and the fast-track supply closet in such a way that items are easy to find, keep track of, and re-stock efficiently. Working with her in the triage area means I have another incredibly skilled and diligent pair of eyes on all of the patients, their visitors and each other.

Recently, a patient returned from a test and Monica placed the patient back on the cardiac monitor, without prompting, and was the first person in the room to assist with the rapid and successful resuscitation of the patient. This is only one example of her work. Her patient care is timely, skilled and full of care. She is a present and enjoyable member of the team, and I am honored to work with her!”

TULIP Award Nomination for Monica Cancel, Emergency Department



July 2023 TULIP Award

Denise Thibodeau

“With gratitude and appreciation, I nominate Denise Thibodeau for the TULIP Award for her constant support of families in the Special Care Nursery. She is an amazing part of our team, filling so many roles. She keeps our unit running in so many more ways than ordering supplies, keeping statistics and answering phones. It’s not an exaggeration to say that she is always one step ahead.

For example, last week at the end of her shift a sick baby was being brought down from the delivery room. Denise stayed late to set up everything for the baby, which speeds the admission and improves recovery for the patient. Families were coming in to see their babies and without saying anything, Denise helped them to the visiting rooms and facilitated bonding since the nurses couldn’t step away from the new baby. That is so important to our families who are often at work and can only visit once a day. Denise models professionalism and teamwork every day.”

TULIP Award Nomination for Denise Thibodeau, Special Care Nursery

Wall of excellence recipients, Fall 2023

Congratulations to our Wall of Excellence recipients! The Wall of Excellence is a public display of recognition for Lowell General Hospital’s Patient Care Division. It is a proven testimonial to the outstanding dedication of our Patient Care team, their commitment to the hospital’s Standards of Performance and the high quality care they provide our patients each and every day.



Beth Bamberg, PCT
Roles & Responsibilities: Patient Care Technician
Department: IMC - Reilly 3

“Beth is the kindest, most compassionate and dedicated person. She treats every patient as if they were her own family. The care that Beth delivers to our patients should be emulated by all staff. Beth is one of our strongest preceptors and does so with true professionalism. She greets all new staff with open arms and goes above and beyond to make them feel welcomed and appreciated. Beth is truly a great asset to the IMC Team!”

Respectfully submitted by:
The Staff of IMC-Reilly 3



Laura Kelly, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Wound and Ostomy Clinic

“Laura plays a vital role in the continued success of the Wound and Ostomy program at Lowell General Hospital. She is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that her patients are provided with evidence-based wound and ostomy care. Laura’s clinical expertise and commitment to patient care is evident in the relationships she establishes with her patients; recalling details from prior visits including their hobbies, interests, and families. We are fortunate to have Laura here at Lowell General!”

Respectfully submitted by:
Bonnie Boie, BSN, RN, CWCN, COCN, WOCN – Wound & Ostomy Clinic



Juliana Margarida, LICSW
Roles & Responsibilities: Licensed Social Worker
Department: Continuity of Care

“Juliana consistently demonstrates her commitment to providing Complete connected care. From referring patients to substance use treatment centers, providing clothing to those who need protection from the weather, to setting up temporary housing for our homeless/housing insecure population, Juliana does it all. Her colleagues state that her solid skills in patient advocacy, collaboration with the entire treatment team, effective communication, empathy, and advanced interpersonal intelligence make her one of the best social workers they have ever known!”

Respectfully submitted by:
Amanda Ford, MSN, MBA, RN, CMGT-BC



Edwin Parlee, PCT
Roles & Responsibilities: Patient Care Technician
Department: Cancer Center - Oncology Care Unit

“Edwin consistently goes beyond the PCT duties to think of ways to improve patient care. He started buying Bath & Body Works products with his own money and donated lotions to the unit to be used on our oncology patients. Edwin provides bed baths with aromatherapy. Patients comment on how much better it makes them feel and how the smell helps to calm them. Edwin continues to donate Bath & Body products to keep up with our supply and other  staff have been inspired to do the same. This is just one of the many ways Edwin cares for his patients.”

Respectfully submitted by:
The Staff of the Oncology Care Unit



Rosa Santiago, PCT
Roles & Responsibilities: Patient Care Technician
Department: Medical 3

“Rosa is a mentor and educator to everyone: patients, PCTs and RNs. Rosa’s voice is always heard; she is an avid advocator for both patient safety and staff. Providing Complete connected care is a standard of performance here at Lowell General Hospital and she exemplifies the meaning of treating patients in a manner that is personalized and patient-centered to meet their needs and goals of care. Rosa’s role of medical Spanish interpreter is used readily for all staff, including physicians, caring for Spanish speaking patients. The examples of Rosa’s ability to exemplify the meaning of Complete connected care are endless.”

Respectfully submitted by:
Katie Donahue, RN – Medical 3



Sokhon Sem-Rim, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Medical 3

“I enjoy working with Sokhon as I always know I will have a good day and that any concerns on a patient are addressed, followed by a complete explanation. She has a great rapport with her patients and our orthopedic physicians. When I am in charge I will often give Sokhon the patients that need a smart nurse with a kind heart and warm touch. She makes sure all patients feel safe and cared for. I am so grateful to work with her!”

Respectfully submitted by:
Darlene Riley, NA – Medical 3
Linda McLellan, RN – Medical 3



Donna Marie Stack, RT
Roles & Responsibilities: Respiratory Therapist
Department: Respiratory Therapy

“Donna Marie has been the Pulmonary Disease Navigator for two years. During this time, she has made a significant difference in many patients’ lives. It is not uncommon for her to receive calls from patients at home, asking for her advice to keep them from coming into the Emergency Department. Donna Marie goes above and beyond to provide Complete connected care to our patients. She is truly making a difference in our patients’ lives.”

Respectfully submitted by:
Mark Vallante, RT – Manager, Respiratory Therapy



Lucas Thompson, RN
Roles & Responsibilities: Registered Nurse
Department: Intensive Care Unit (ICU) - Ground

“Lucas is an exemplary nurse. He is able to identify clinical decline and intervene quickly, but always puts patient comfort at the forefront and is sure to explain what is happening to calm any anxiety the patient may have. Recently Lucas received a highly-agitated patient who he quickly realized was not going to be able to be reoriented; he utilized therapeutic communication to stabilize the patient’s mental status all while taking care of the patient clinically. Lucas’s clinical competence allowed him to treat the patient’s physical symptoms while mending the patient’s fragile emotional state.”

Respectfully submitted by:
Chelsea Lynch, RN – ICU-Ground



Suzanne Trepanier, RT
Roles & Responsibilities: Radiation Technician
Department: Imaging Services and Radiology - Interventional Radiology

“If anyone has called Interventional Radiology, they probably have spoken with Sue. As the IR Charge Tech, she is the go-to person for what is happening in the department. Sue’s calm presence, commitment to patient care and her always-positive attitude set her apart. Sue is a strong member of our team. She learned to set-up and scrub for some of the most complicated of cases. She moved seamlessly into the charge role because her colleagues, nurses and physicians respect her. Sue is a valued member of the IR team!”

Respectfully submitted by:
Martha Manning, RN, CRN, Clinical Manager – Imaging & IR Nursing

2024 Nursing Excellence Awards

During Nurses Week every May, Lowell General Hospital honors those who exemplify the unwavering commitment to patient care that is a hallmark of the nursing profession with our Nursing Excellence Awards. Lowell General also presents the Florence Nightingale Award to one nurse every year who emulates the enduring symbol of Florence Nightingale herself and represents the mission, hopes and expectations of the nursing profession to its members and to the world at large. The Outstanding Team Award is given to a team within Patient Care Services that exemplifies camaraderie, professionalism and dedication to working together to improve patient care.

Jennifer Gemos, RN
Patient Flow Manager
2024 Florence Nightingale Award

"Florence Nightingale is known for her enduring symbols. Symbols that carry the message of our essence. Symbols that give us our identity as nurses, transmittal of ideas, and the mission, hopes, and expectations of a profession to its members and to the world at large. We have the honor of recognizing a nurse that emulates this symbolism and these characteristics. 

Jennifer took on a new role in the organization managing and directing all of our patient flow efforts. Everything from organizing a team of professionals, redesigning countless policies, collecting and analyzing enormous amounts of data, implementing electronic systems to help improve operation…you name it and she did it to help improve care. The most important thing that Jennifer has done in all this time is developing strong relationships with so many healthcare providers and staff. She has standardized and implemented best practices for patient flow throughout their hospital stay. She educates teams of staff, leaders, and physicians across the organization. All this through and after a pandemic where our patient volumes have been some of the highest we have ever seen."

Respectfully submitted by: Cece Lynch, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE – Vice President Patient Care Services / Chief Nurse Executive


Linda Corfield, RN
Excellence in Community Involvement
"Spending many hours creating and building workflows, Linda has successfully worked with the Pediatric leadership team to promote the greatest success with this clinic. She doesn't just "give shots," she creates lasting relationships by earning the trust of patients and their families, many of whom don't understand the true impacts of missing school. She truly cares about this community health need and has worked hard at explaining the importance of maintaining the health of children and the importance of regularly seeing a primary physician. Many of the patients that she encounters have no idea what the importance of regular health care is, and Linda is always looking to educate with empathy."

Respectfully submitted by: Amy Foote, RN – Pediatrics


Gina Destrempe, RN
Medical Day Care
Excellence in Professional Practice
"Gina has worked in Medical Day Care for just over two years, and in that time has become a permanent charge RN. She is a true leader in this role, in the sense that she can manage a very busy outpatient clinic, accept an assignment, and troubleshoot the many challenges that are experienced throughout the day with a variety of complicated workflows. Among other endeavors, Gina has joined with the Cancer Center Medical Oncology unit to work collaboratively to solve common problems for infusion room delivery of care and/or on how to make the workflow between both units parallel for a better patient experience."

Respectfully submitted by: Marisa Fusco, RN – Medical Day Care, Christine Gillis, RN – Medical Day Care


Abigail Gagnon, RN
Oncology Care Unit
Excellence in Quality Caring

"I admire the positivity Abby carries around. She is great at making each of her patients feel heard and cared for. She is always encouraging and conveys messages of positive thoughts to her patients. Abby is always attentive – checking in to ensure her patients are pain-free and comfortable, providing bed baths with music and hair washing. She is inclusive to family members as well in involving them in education and allowing them to feel they play a role in patient care. When patients feel empowered, they are more willing to speak up which may make their stay more enjoyable."

Respectfully submitted by: Nicole Malfa, RN – Oncology Care Unit


Kristin Kinglocke, RN
Excellence in Evidence-Based Practice
"Kristin is an incredible mentor to nurses who are new to critical care. Many of these nurses have expressed difficulty grappling with the moral distress that accompanies critically ill patients. As a trusted leader, they turn to Kristin with their concerns. Kristin offers a compassionate, patient-listening ear and normalizes their experiences. She recognizes the research supporting the need for debriefings, and how processing grief can improve resiliency and decrease burnout. Kristin often collaborates with the Spiritual Care department and the crisis team to help facilitate debriefings. She is also working on creating and facilitating an informal gathering for newer nurses to meet and process these experiences together."

Respectfully submitted by: Ashley Parkes, RN – ICU-G


Suzann O'Neil, RN
Pain Management Center
Excellence in Nursing Quality

"I have witnessed Sue's interactions with her patients over the years. She is just one of those people that easily connects with others. She is not only an experienced, knowledgeable nurse, she is authentically interested in her patients and their families. She is warm, empathetic, and welcoming and uses each patient encounter to listen to their concerns as she provides excellent nursing care. I often see her "going the extra mile" for our patients. From walking unsteady patients to the door to ensuring a claustrophobic patient is comfortable for their upcoming MRI, Sue demonstrates patient-centered care."

Respectfully submitted by: Joann Couture, RN – Pain Management Center


Jennifer Pletcher, RN
Emergency Department
Excellence in Nursing Mentorship

"Jennifer has supported multiple cohorts of new graduate ED RNs. She has assisted in optimizing the previous existing orientation process which allows the ED to take in more new graduates at a time. This has included advocacy to purchase Sheehy's Emergency Manual for each new nurse to use as a resource, and simulation of care to allow new nurses to practice and fail in a safe environment. She has also taken the time to hear their concerns, feedback, and recommendations to further enhance the program after each group completes their session."

Respectfully submitted by: Tracie McPadden, RN – ACNO, Emergency Services


Elizabeth Ronan de Castillero, RN
Nursing Education
Excellence in Continued Professional Development 
"As the Program Coordinator for the new graduate program, Elizabeth is passionate about ensuring that newly graduated nurses are onboarded successfully into their first job within the nursing profession. Elizabeth works tirelessly on not only the curriculum but on the entire new graduate experience. Along with her ability to onboard this new group of nurses, Elizabeth is also a preceptor to our newly hired clinical nurse educators who have joined the professional practice team. Her years of knowledge and experience, and the history of this department benefit her in helping our new staff lead on the road to success."

Respectfully submitted by: Dawn Chandonnet, RN – Manager, Nursing Workforce


Amara Sok, RN
Dahod 4
Excellence in Direct Patient Care
"Amara is a very knowledgeable and skilled nurse. But more than this, she has compassion for each patient she cares for and treats them with kindness and respect. Her warm and comforting affect puts patients and family members at ease from their first encounter to their last impressions. Patients often mention Amara by name and speak highly of the care she provides. She always gives her patients a bedtime bath so they are comfortable and can enjoy a restful night's sleep. Amara's positive attitude and professional approach make her a true role model on D4. She is an important asset to our team and makes a difference every day."

Respectfully submitted by: Cathryn Forsyth, RN – Dahod 4


Outstanding Team Award 
The staff from the Progressive Care Unit was awarded Outstanding Team for characterizing the true meaning of collaboration, professionalism and dedication to working together to improve patient care. They exemplify teamwork beyond the walls of their unit by interacting with multiple departments and are always willing to go above and beyond for patients and each other.

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