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COVID-19 Information

Tufts Medicine doctors can help you stay safe from COVID-19, and they're also here to diagnose and treat it if you need it.
Smiling Luz Adames-Pringle, ‪phlebotomist at Tufts Medical Center, prepares a patient for a blood draw by tying band around arm.
Stop the spread

Getting tested + treatment

Feeling sick or been around someone with COVID-19? It's a good idea to get tested. You can pop by a pharmacy for an at-home test, talk to your doctor or visit an urgent care or emergency department.

Don't worry about symptoms, we've got your back! We'll make sure you get the right antiviral treatment based on the national guidelines. Just give your doctor a ring, or if you need help right away, head over to the nearest emergency department or urgent care.

Doctor placing a bandage on a patient after receiving a vaccine at the Travelers Health Clinic.

Get vaccinated

If you want to avoid any complications from COVID-19, make sure to get a vaccine every year. Even kids as young as 6 months can get vaccinated. If you've got any questions or worries, talk to your doctor. They can give you advice on what's best for you.

Our masking policy

In response to a decline in COVID-19 and other respiratory illness cases and hospitalizations, Tufts Medicine has shifted to a mask-optional policy in its facilities effective April 1, 2024. This applies to all patients, visitors and staff.

Please note: Patients and staff should wear a mask if they have symptoms of respiratory illness.

We will also respect the preferences of patients and staff who choose to wear masks and will continue to make masks available.

When visiting a patient

We kindly request that if you are planning to visit a patient at one of our hospitals or hospice care locations, you refrain from doing so if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of respiratory illness, fever or cough. It is in the best interest of your loved one and other patients that you wait until you feel better before visiting.

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