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A Year of the Pandemic at MelroseWakefield Hospital

March 25, 2021

The staff at MelroseWakefield Hospital has been overworked and overburdened for a year now. They’re also very, very much appreciated.

Hospital leadership on Monday held a moment of remembrance for the patients and victims of the pandemic. It also recognized the people who have worked around the clock since last March, sharing in the triumphs and defeats of what for a long time seemed like an endless struggle.

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Gender-Affirming Top Surgery at MelroseWakefield Hospital
Anthony is looking forward to going to the beach.
Loneliness + Broken Hearts
Poor diet. Lack of exercise. Genetics. Extra pounds. Everyone knows these are contributing factors to developing cardiac issues, but you might be surprised to learn that loneliness can also lead to heart disease.
Merrimack Valley Hospice Clinical Hospice Director Linda Miller, RN Gives Back by Volunteering To Administer the COVID-19 Vaccine at Lowell General Hospital
Lawrence, Mass. – As a healthcare professional who has endured the personal and professional tolls of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Linda Miller, RN felt both relieved and honored when her turn came to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. She is now giving back by volunteering to administer inoculations at Lowell General Hospital’s regional vaccination site at Cross River Center, located at 1001 Pawtucket Blvd. East in Lowell.

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