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Urgent Care or the Emergency Department? We’ll Help You Decide.

January 31, 2024

From icy sidewalks and heavy snow to the latest respiratory virus, winter in New England isn’t always postcard perfect.

When accidents happen or you’re not feeling your best, do you know where to go for help? Choosing the right option can save you time, money and trouble and ensure you get the best treatment for your illness or injury. 

Primary care for personalized care

Primary care is your first stop for most illnesses, lingering pain or chronic conditions that don’t require immediate attention. Ideally, your primary care physician (PCP) knows you and your medical history and will be able to assess any underlying reasons for your ailment. They can also provide aid and medication to soothe headaches, flu and cold symptoms, mild infection and other pain while helping to manage any underlying conditions (diabetes or hypertension) and allergies. Your PCP can direct you to the right specialist if you require further care or treatment.

Find a PCP

Urgent care to get better quick

Strain your back shoveling snow or sprain your ankle slipping on the ice? Visit urgent care for twists, turns, fractures and minor cuts. These centers have shorter wait times than your PCP and are much cheaper than the emergency department. Our urgent care clinics also offer testing for COVID-19, influenza and strep throat. You may be referred to the emergency department for more advanced care.

Reserve a spot in line before you go 

Emergency care when time matters

Emergency departments are the right choice when care can’t wait. Emergency department staff use the latest technology to provide immediate, life-saving care. If you’re having trouble breathing, are bleeding uncontrollably, have severe chest pains, impaired vision or other stroke-like symptoms, call 911 or have someone drive you to the nearest emergency department. 

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