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National Guard Arrives To Support ED Staff

January 10, 2022

To assist hospitals coping with the worst of the latest COVID-19 surge, Gov. Charlie Baker activated the National Guard on December 21.

National Guard at LGH

Six of those soldiers were deployed to Lowell General to provide non-clinical support in the Emergency Department at main and Saints campuses.

The Guardsmen are outfitted in their military fatigues, but wear a hospital badge. They are working in functions like patient observation, transport, screener/greeter and dietary services, but have already shown a willingness to help where ever they are needed.

CNN recently did a story on the National Guard deployment in Massachusetts and included an anecdote about life-saving measures taken at Lowell General by one of the soldiers.

Specialist (SPC) Stephen Prochniak was working in the Emergency Department at the main campus when he found himself in the right place at the right time. A patient had gone into cardiac arrest, and SPC Prochniak was asked to assist with CPR compressions that ultimately helped save the patient’s life.

To see the CNN piece about the state’s National Guard’s contributions, click here.

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