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MIRI Top Doctors Award

January 11, 2021

2 MIRI PIs named 2021 Boston Magazine “Top Docs.”

MIRI is extremely proud to recognize two of its Principal Investigators, who were chosen as 2021 Boston Magazine’s “Top Doctors” in their respective specialties. Drs. Patrick Catalano and Michael House for Maternal and Fetal Medicine.


Dr. Patrick Catalano's research interest is maternal metabolism in women whose pregnancies are complicated by diabetes and obesity, and the short and long-term effects on mothers and their children.

Dr. Michael House uses a bioengineering strategy to investigate cervical biomechanics, specifically cervical function, as it relates to the cause of spontaneous premature birth.

Prinicipal Investigator, Michael House, MD, Receives an SMFM/ABOG Bridge Grant
Michael House, MD, has been recognized as an expert in the uterine cervix, has received an SMFM/ABOG Bridge Grant entitled “Novel tools for studying cervical function and dysfunction during pregnancy.”
Press Releases
Dr. Michael House Receives Grand Prize for Novel Device To Prevent Preterm Birth
Dr. Michael House Receives Grand Prize for Novel Device to Prevent Preterm Birth.
Dr. Patrick Catalano Receives R21
MIRI PI Patrick Catalano, MD, has been awarded an R21 from the NIH/NICHD as Multi-Site PI for a two-year study entitled, “Impact of a Postpartum Lifestyle Intervention on Lactation Outcomes, Breastmilk Composition and Infant Growth.”

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