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Discover Gamma Knife: Life-Saving Treatment for Brain, Head + Neck Tumors

May 13, 2024

Tufts Medical Center’s Gamma Knife is a safe and painless treatment for tumors and abnormalities found in the brain, head and neck

Gamma Knife surgery is a safe, painless and incision-free way to treat tumors and abnormalities in the brain, head and neck. Watch how this life-changing technology uses hyper-focused radiation to destroy harmful cells while sparing healthy ones.


Learn more about Gamma Knife

Gamma Knife 101
Learn about the Gamma Knife radiosurgery technology, used by Tufts MC neurosurgeons in Boston to treat brain and facial conditions without an incision.
Patient Stories
Tom Doyle's Story
Tom Doyle has mastered the art of turning the negative to positive. After a pituitary tumor diagnosis, he found the best team possible - Dr. Lechan and the Neuroendocrine Program team at Tufts MC.

Speech-language pathologists from Tufts Medicine
National Speech-Language-Hearing Month Shines a Light on Communication Disorders
Tufts Medicine’s speech-language pathologists raise awareness of communication disorders during National Speech-Language-Hearing Month

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