We Are The Physicians' Network

Our Network was formed in July, 2021 by envisioning what it would take to create a distinctively different population health enterprise.  We built upon the legacy of two long-standing, high-performing organizations – Lowell General Physician Hospital Organization and New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA) to launch a new Network that is well-positioned for future success.

Mission and Vision

Our Network’s mission is to bring together private practice and employed physicians, community-based and academic care providers, and primary care and specialists to improve care and reduce costs for defined populations.

Our vision is to make the communities we serve healthier. We aspire to have our aligned physicians experience greater professional and personal satisfaction because we effectively manage outcomes and cost in value-based contracts, and we deliver distinctive care experiences that drive volume-based growth in our markets.

A Physician-Led Enterprise

Our Integrated Network is governed by a 12-person Board comprising eight practicing primary care and specialty physicians. Four other Trustees include a Tufts Medicine hospital representative, an independent Trustee, and Tufts Medicine’s Chief Physician Executive and Clinically Integrated Network President as ex officio members.

Central Planning, Local Decision-Making

Our Network sets an enterprise agenda for managing populations in value-based contracts, establishes performance goals, and designs best-practice systems.

Our Regional Clinical Councils develop strategies to organize local care teams to effectively manage populations and drive growth in geographic markets. Each Council convenes care teams from across the continuum to improve performance through activities such as unblinded peer-review of data, clinical care model design and clinical and cost performance monitoring. Councils are responsible for:

  • Monitoring quality and cost, identifying gaps in the care continuum and addressing underperformance
  • Defining strategies to address clinical under-performance and closing gaps in the continuum of care
  • Reporting and managing financial performance in the regions and aligning resource allocations to Network goals

Our Distinctively Different Population Health Enterprise

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Board of Trustees

The Tufts Medicine Clinically Integrated Network is governed by a 12-person Board of Trustees that includes eight practicing primary care and specialty physicians. 

Michele Crage Headshot.

Michele Crage, MD, Chair

Nephrologist, Woburn Nephrology Associates

David Criss Headshot.

David Criss, MD

Cardiologist, Tufts Medical Center Community Care

Daniel Driscoll Headshot.

Daniel Driscoll, MD

Primary Care, Tufts Medical Center Community Care

Karen Freund cropped

Karen Freund, MD

Internal Medicine, Tufts Medical Center

Dr. William Galvin

William Galvin, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist, Circle Health


Mark Gilcrest Headshot.

Mark Gilchrist, MD

Pediatrician, Mark G. Gilchrist MD, LLC

Kelli Kennedy Headshot.

Kelli Kennedy, MD

Pediatrician, Healthcare South

Peter Roman Headshot.

Peter Roman, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon, Merrimack Valley Orthopedic Associates


Michael Wagner, MD

Chief Physician Executive, Tufts Medicine

Jody White

Jody White

CEO and President, Circle Health 

Emily Young

Emily Young


Senior Leadership Team

Emily Young, President

Jelena Bogich, HCS, SPHR, VP Human Resources for the Physician Enterprise  

Kathleen Garland, Interim Executive Director of the Lowell General PHO

Nathan Gagne, Interim Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey Gross, Senior Vice President of Business Development

Peg Holda, Chief of Staff/Head of Communications

Frank Osborn, MD, Interim Chief Medical Officer

Lisa (Reed) Mann, Vice President of Performance Management

Charles Whipple, Esq., Deputy General Counsel

Todd Whitecross, Senior Vice President of Payer Strategy


Interested in learning more?

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Tufts Medicine Chief Physician Executive

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