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A Long COVID-19 Observational Pilot Study Using Wearable Devices

Detection and Risk Assessment in Post COVID-19 Infection – A Long COVID-19 Observational Pilot Study

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person-wave 18+
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Principal Investigator: Manlik Kwong

The primary aim of this study is to obtain observational physiological signals from patients previously discharged from hospitalization at Tufts Medical Center between 2019 to present (est enrollment starting in June 2022) with positive diagnosis of COVID-19 to further our understanding and characterization of Long COVID-19 syndrome using combined medical histories and continuous physiological signals captured through wearable devices such as the Oura Ring, Fitbit, AliveCor KardiaMobile, and Samsung Watch3 type devices. 

Study details

Inclusion Criteria
  • Patients discharged from Tufts Medical Center between June 1, 2021 through June 1, 2022
  • Patients discharged with previous diagnosis of positive COVID-19 infection during their stay
  • Patients 18 years age or older
Study Requirements

Candidates for enrollment will be recruited from a retrospective search to identify patients discharged from Tufts Medical Center and having had a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. Each enrolled candidate will be screened and selected based on the ability to wear one or more physiological wearable device (Oura ring, Garmin watch, Fitbit, or KardiaMobile) for up to 3 months and have access to the Internet and have mobile cell phone access to provide patient reported outcomes through web-based surveys and ad hoc SMS Text message surveys.

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